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Full Version: The boroughs
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This one'S for the old-timers, and a bit of a plea to authors:

Where can I find information about New York beyond Manhattan? It's a bit unreal how the books seem to assume there's nothing more to the conurbation than Manhattan. I know the old Nyx Smyth novels and a bit of info in Neo-Anarchist's guide to North America, but ... is that really all there is?
QUOTE ("Almanach @ p. 40)
November 8—USA: In response to their abrupt ousting, Queens, Brooklyn,
Staten Island, and the Bronx become one entity called the Quad Counties.
The attempt fails after just over a year, and the boroughs separate again.

There's also the Manhattan PDF for SR4, which contains minor information as well, and I seem to remember darkly that there was something in some very early web-magazine or so.
The Shadowrun Missions - New York (SRM03) mention the boroughs and sometimes the plot wanders into one of them. For example Burning Bridges which is centered on the Brooklyn Bridge also has a few visits to Brooklyn. But substance or even just an infobox-type overview I don't believe is available. (I assume you have seen the link to the Shadowhelix articles in Pegasus' forum.)
I do, and thanks. Putting together a notes collection for them (rather, enhancing the document I already have), and am trying to track down the state of canon first.
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