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We really haven't seen many new Foci types or other Enchanted items get added into the game despite Artifact rushes, Atlantean Foundation digs, DIMR research, and just the giant megacorp ecology which would love to profit off of new advances. The old Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy seemed like it was pushing forward into a continually evolving magical theory and magical society.

Sure, mystic adepts have steadily improved between editions and magicians no longer need fetishes etc. So, I decided to invent some new Foci.

New Foci
The link features the URL for an earlier post. I believe you meant:
For the more bashful shapeshifter (one raised among humans perhaps?) tired of the 'where's my pants' game, might we suggest the Wear & Wolf Line from Talbot & Chaney Fashions Ltd which features a new line of shapeshifter friendly apparel.

Using sustainably sourced shapechanger fur specially enchanted and woven into tasteful Apparel Foci designed to be bonded to it's owner, these pieces transform along with the busy shapeshifter on the go (often taking the form of a collar or otherwise woven among their fur/feather/etc in their primal form...).

These outfits have no intrinsic armor value beyond normal clothing themselves (Armor 1-2 tops at GM discretion) and start at Force 3 rating so as to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions in some of the wilder areas like Chicago and similar.

Rumours abound of a projected 'War Wolf' Line, utilizing shifter bone and shells(presumably from a weretortoise or similar) to increase the armor potential of the range, however this still remains on the drawing boards at present as well as being very controversial due to sourcing issues.
That's great Sendaz!

I have a new article:
Astral Reputation
An overview of Background Count

I've seen a lot of people confused by BC and how it works.
NPCs and Contacts

Hey, if you have any interesting NPCs or Contacts you'd like me to add; go ahead and let me know.
QUOTE (Tyrhaynes @ Aug 15 2015, 07:02 PM) *
NPCs and Contacts

Hey, if you have any interesting NPCs or Contacts you'd like me to add; go ahead and let me know.

Retired Runners.
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