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Full Version: Chrome Flesh / Chemical Gland
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Hey everyone!

On page 112 of Chrome Flesh there is the "Chemical Gland".

In the rules text on that page the chemicals a "Chemical Gland" can produce are limited to compounds which are "naturally
occurring and not synthetic".

Which of the compounds in the official rules fall under this category? Especially I am looking for poisons...

Thx in advance!
Run Faster has a table for SURGE characters with the Natural Venom quality...I guess it does not become more officially natural than that wink.gif

PS: Of course it's hard to gauge the price of those toxins, which you would need for the gland...
Thanks! I didn't remember that table. Unfortunately there are no prices in it.

Seems to me like this is another case, where rules weren't entirely thought through.
Well, the cost is to stop people from cooking up crazy expensive compounds and then sell them, it certainly does that.

Based the same rationale, you can argue that if there is no cost for a compound and thus no way to make money off it, the cost can safely be treated as 0. Depends on how really official you need it. Otherwise, Gamma-Scopolamine is probably the best natural toxin.
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