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Full Version: NPC Stat Blocks
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I remember back in the day there were sheets that just held relevant stats for mook npcs. Basic attributes, skills and gear. 6 or 9 to a page. I'd make up a bunch for surprise encounters (the players or mine). So if I need a bunch of standard security or gangers I'd just pull on of these sheets and be ready to go and not delay the game. Anyone have anything like that now?
I know that they're page 281 in SR4A (and those stats won't really change between editions, I think).
Corp sec grunt basically has 3 in every attribute and skill relevant.
Ganger only has 2 in the skills, and lone star patrol squad member has 4 in physical attributes.
You will find yourself lifting a lot of stuff from 4th to fill in the gaps until their 5th ed counterparts come along.

It is the perennial catch-22 when dealing with editions of any RPG that it really helps if you have experience with the previous version.

Not critical if you don't but it does help a lot if you do.
I think Thanos007 is actually asking for something like Arron Pavao's Standby Squads sheet found on his site, which has the grunts stats in an easy to see and reference format rather than the actual stats. Sec guards and gangers are already in the core book.

EDIT: Did some digging around and found these. Maybe they'll do. Not mine but found via Reddit.
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