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If you wanting to find out where a person has been then can you use ritual tracking and a material link to determine this.

For example, if I have a blood sample of a person could I use it to determine where that person has been or the location(s) of other blood samples from the same person.

Edit: see post below.

However, you still can't know where a person has been using only ritual tracking. You could do somehting like cast ritual sorcery with mind probe or other imaginative things, however.
Ancient History
Yes, sortof. It's in Sota63. Let me dig up the relevant sections.

[/edit] p.48 "Reverse Ritual Sorcery"

Basically, you can use a material link to track down someone with ritual sorcery, and then you can use ritual sorcery with that person (presence, I think, is required, either willing or not) to track down their other ritual links.
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