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Full Version: Bouncing this off of the hivemind - Hairdressers?
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/Hoi Chummers - after some thieving toerag flogged our decks we've been putting our lives back together, but back again with a shadowrunning proposal....

How about setting up a Shadowrunning team operating out of a hairdressers (as cover)?

Different social walks, "regulars" that could be couriers, "hairdressing chemicals" that are delivered with satisfying regularity and the occasional guy in a suit that looks nervous - oh, he's just another rep trying to sell his company's products....?

No, I've not see "Dont mess with Zohan" or whatever it's called, it's just something the Wife and I (Wife mainly) came up with during a random walk around town.

Considering how implanted fiber-optic hair, neon tattoos, fur and chroming horns are cannon in SR, I thought it'd make sense to have a wide variety of "personal attendants" that "can cater to every *cough* hair-related *cough* need..?


Still running,


So would this be a Pink Mohawk campaign or more a crewcut? wink.gif

Admittedly this could make for a good Day Job for the team.

I shall have to comb the files to see what ideas might crop up.

Nothing wrong with it that I can see, beyond the usual issues of a bunch of runners owning a business in a game that has zero support for that outside the dayjob quality.
I've seen a thread in the past here that was all about "front companies" for Shadowrunners. Possibly the best one I saw involved them being a subsidiary of Ares (for weapons permits). I'll see if I can find that thread.


Found it here.
I like the idea. Well-rounded characters make a well-rounded game. Good cover identities make for better runners.

And as you point out, it can be more than just hairdressing, and branch out to a broader beauty salon, or even a day spa.

I now have the mental image of the physical adept leading a qi gong and tai chi chuan session.
Plus don't forget in settings like this, staff are either overlooked as furniture so may hear interesting conversations between two clients or may be treated as a confidante, like a sympathetic barber who listens to the exec vent in general...
Ahem...Mr Butcher beat you to it.

Toe-moss, mon ami. nyahnyah.gif
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