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Full Version: coyote mentor spirit?
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I'd have sworn that last year (2015) I saw mention of coyote being brought back as a mentor spirit, in one of the new books coming out. Now I can't track that down anywhere.

Was I just dreaming, or is my search-fu too weak to track the cunning coyote? (in other words -- anyone else remember this?)
I recall someone said it is in the Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation: Counting Coup, but can not confirm as I do not have this at the moment.
The default for 'Yote is using Raven from the core book (Coyote's listed there as an alternate name, with a little bit gentler edge). I'm not aware of other stats coming out for Coyote, right off the top of my head, but I'm also a little behind on sourcebooks 'cause I've been throwing my attention elsewhere.
Sendaz is right. Counting Coup has the stats for coyote as a mentor spirit. It's in the very back of the book.
Thank you! And since those were in my buying plans anyway I bought them a bit earlier than intended and satisfied my curiosity smile.gif
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