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Full Version: SR5's Possession Power Does Not Grant Immunity to Normal Weapons?
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So I'm running SRM04-10 Romero and Juliette using SR5 rules. I'm referencing Humanitarian Aid's dual-stats from Running Wild to get a handle on Shedim in SR4 versus SR5. Something very important became apparent, and that is a difference in wording regarding the Possession power in Street Magic page 102 versus the same power in Street Grimoire page 197.

In Street Magic, there is an additional paragraph of sidebar text that reads:

When a spirit possesses a vessel, the combined being that results is dual-natured, has Immunity to Normal Weapons (p. 289, SR4), and boasts all of the spirit’s powers and skills. Occasionally a possessing spirit’s nature manifests through the vessel in an effect similar to a shamanic mask (p. 168, SR4).

In Street Grimoire's version of this power, all of SM's Possession sidebar text has been integrated into the power's main description, with the exception of the wording about Immunity to Normal Weapons.

I looked at the SG Errata and there was nothing about this. I checked Dumpshock's forum and found nothing also. Which is odd because I would have assumed at least someone griped a LITTLE. =) So I may be missing it.

Seems like the version of Humanitarian Aid in Running Wild would have mentioned "oh, in SR4 do this, but in SR5 don't do this" if that was the intent. Though, Street Grimoire was definitely not out at that time so perhaps the author didn't have that guidance.

So has this already been hashed out and was determined to simply be an oversight? Or was it deliberate and intended to nerf folks who casually had their spirits possess them (and get the Immunity to Normal Weapons)? Or something else entirely?

Without this, the shedim don't seem nearly as formidable, though Regeneration and Deathly Aura are nothing to sneeze at.


Brad =)

This has been talked about a bit, and it seems for 5th possessing spirits do not grant ItNW probably because of the issues it caused when layered on top of a PC.
Yeah, this was a fix to the Invincible Houngan problem from previous editions.

It still doesn't quite get there.
Gotcha. Good find on that link.

Looks like a lack of consensus, and I would tend to agree with those that view it as either an oversight or an overnerf. Will need to figure out a plan on my end that I can live with.

Makes shedim a lot less scary, no longer having ITNW. Did find it noted somewhere for inhabitation, though, so at least bugs of all forms are still durable.

And I would've thought that dealing with the "Invincible Houngan" would be dealt with the same way as dealing with any other spirit.
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