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Full Version: Is there a 5E equivalent mission to these?
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Greetings folks, Myself and one player are long time SR players, however 3 of the players are new to the entire SR 'verse'. I wanted to run (again) Universal Brotherhood and Euphoria simply for nostalgia sake. In fact the other experienced SR player built his adept with UB as an enemy, when I told him UB was crushed.

Are there any modules or missions that I can use like that first Universal Brotherhood run?

If you have those old adventures why not just update them with the SR5 stats? They have stats for the bugs in the magic book. It might take a bit of work but if your other players haven't had the dubious pleasure of dealing with the UB then it may be worth it. Run them as one offs as a sort of background thing for the other players so they get a better idea of insidious and evil the bugs really are.
Actually Euphoria could be run in the modern SR time frame with a few changes of the goals of the bugs. Rather than it being part of the UB it could be yet another attempt by a smaller hive to extend their power.
The bugs are still a going concern in SR, just that now people are aware of them, things like the UB tend to get shut down so they try to be sneakier.
Yeah, just use the story and improvise (or prepare) the stats. smile.gif

Thanks very much!
For my "life in the barrens" game in SR4 I simply ignored the canon, as the players were not all aware of it either, and played Queen Euphoria and Double Exposure, converted to 4th edition. The same can be done to 5th edition, at least if you find rules for insect spirits (probably in Street Magic or whatever its called). Even if the players are somewhat aware of insect spirits, they might not make the connection if they havent played or heard of the adventures in question - for them it was a fun "kidnap a celeb" mission with a twist. And Double Exposure was awesome, even if insect spirit guards were slightly Overpowered, but it also made it challenging and dangerous.

If you want to read about it, check my signature link for the AAR and search for Euphoria (page 2, cant search whole thread with browser).
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