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Full Version: Animal Attunement (SR4)
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I'm wondering whether you can use the Adept metamagic Animal Attunement to bond with a paranormal critter. The power description says you can bond with any mundane, non-sentient critter.
However under the Sense Link power (the only thing you get from Animal Attunement), it says that a dual-natured critter's astral sight is considered a separate sense from its other senses for purposes of shifting through senses to use. So what kind of non-paranormal critter is dual-natured?

I lean towards the idea that mundane in this case refers to critters that aren't magical (able to cast spells) rather than ones that are described as paranormal just because of the Sense Link description and the use of the word mundane rather than paranormal to describe the critter types possible.

Sense Link might apply to other cases as well.

Anyways, I am pretty sure that mundane refers to ordinary critters (they are actually called mundane in the description as well).

Like metahumans, the large majority of the animal kingdom remains
unaffected by the Awakening. Listed below are some mundane critters
that shadowrunners are likely to encounter.

Also, I think all paracritters are magical (i.e. have a Magic rating).

Yeah I see that Sense Link also applies to Ally Spirits.
Well there goes my idea of having a pack of attuned hell hounds at my beck and call.
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