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Full Version: Looking for analysis of Martial Arts
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Never mind -- the search function over at the official forums is terrible, but a manual scan eventually found what I was looking for (which was a posting linking to the actual article, here)

Earlier this year I read a long analysis that someone had posted about the various martial arts and MA techniques in SR5, which included suggestions as to the most effective techniques and arts you could learn. I thought I had read it on here, but no amount of searching has dug it up for me so far, so I donít know if the subject line is resistant to the search terms Iím using or if it was posted elsewhere.

Does this ring a bell with anyone, and if so do you know where I would find it?
My best advice is to figure what you want your character to do when people start biting and scratching at each other and then build their maneuvers around that. I think that you'll find "interesting" will win out in the long run for great gaming stories over raw combat efficiency.
Might we suggest the following Runners Style of MA:
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