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Full Version: Let's Praise Anarchy
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Since another Anarchy thread has devolved into snarky back and forths about stuff not even related to Anarchy, let's talk about this:

Have you played Anarchy? What went right? What went better than expected?

Are you looking to play Anarchy? What are you excited about? Why?

[Edit] Took out the snarky bits.

I just finished the book, as the GM for my group about 99% of the time it sounds great. I haven't had a chance to play it I might see if there are any local games going on to do so. I'm not 100% sure if I can get my group to try it as we are kinda messing around with a Hero System/SR home brew atm and I don't want to keep changing things up on them. I think the only few things I didn't care for was how damage works and the lack of drain for spells (Unless I missed something while listening to the pdf being played). Any ways if I do get a chance to try it out I will post again =).
Switching systems can be a shock, I get that.

Damage is less of a pain running it than looking at the rules. Eventually I appreciated not having to soak every roll and there are Shadow Amp effects that can reduce incoming damage if players want. There are rules for making damage more lethal or less lethal too.

For Drain, I am just using cooldown rules for spells. I feel the main purpose of drain was to keep mages in check and now the whole system keeps them in check. But there should still be that whole "paying with your mind" thing and I feel cooldowns can represent casting-fatigue pretty well.
Home brew rules or ones I've missed somewhere? Same for complex forms, summoning etc?!
You didn't miss it. Drain and Fading do not have a mechanic in Anarchy. Much like recoil or reloading.

I am not sure they have a place in a home brew either. It's a mechanic that other Shadow Amps do not deal with. I am not really interested in the balance yet, just game play. A drain roll would, like a damage resistance roll, slow narrations down.

However, story-wise, I think there should be something in place to keep the amped-up mage from saying, "I do what I did the last three turns; I hit them with my super 9P fireball again!". Cooldown rules help alleviate that but then again, so does having good players.
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