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Thursday 2000 13 June 2075 Hikari's house Seattle

The rain is pattering against the windows, blowing almost sideways in the wind from off the Sound. Even if it was only party cloudy in the rest of Seattle, it seems to always be raining here. The pirated electricity from the city grid is sporadic this evening and you give up on the soy processor and settle for some soycaf from yesterday's pot. You could complain about it, but since the electricity is supplied through a pirate grid set up by a chummer who owed you a favor, you can't complain too much. The ocean surges against the rotting piers outside the old warehouse, calling out to you in the special way it has for a long time, calling to you to just give all of this drek up and go home to the sea. Some days it is harder to resist that call than others and this is one of those days. You have not worked outside Kyra's shop in almost three weeks and even this place has expenses and you do have to eat. Poor Kyra cannot afford to keep supporting you with under the table payments in addition to what she manages to pay you for your hours.

Your 'link pings with the tone you have set up for Jackie Talon, a part time fixer still trying to make the score that will get him into the big time. Of course, if she did move on, she might leave you behind looking for someone else to take you on. She comes across as fairly friendly for a fixer, but you are not really sure how much of that is because she needs a friend or just needs a ticket upwards. In your state can you afford to ignore the call or do you let it ring off to more silence, or, more descriptively, to the sound of rain against your windows on a dark June night in Seattle?
I'm not one to turn down good work - most of the time, I do have some standards when it comes to the job. I simply think about picking up, and smile as my trode headband does the rest.

>> Hey Jackie, how are you? <<

Mentally, I'm running through a to-do list for the day - It's about time I bound a new spirit. and I should really ask Kyra to borrow a manascaping formula sometime soon - that spell is really a key to my stealth, because it will hide my presence even from the astral.
Thursday 13 June 2075 2002 Hikari's house Seattle

>>Not busy are you, dear. Got something you might find interesting. Can you meet a guy at the Hot Taco in Touristville at 0100?<<
>> I can, but since you're suggesting an Atzlaner resturant, I have to ask - not an Aztechnology job, right? You know I don't take jobs for potential blood mages.<<< My tone was clear as a spat out the words. There are some people you don't work for, even if you have to eat. I'll steal food if I have to choose between working for Aztech and putting food on my plate.
Thursday 13 June 2075 2003 Hikari's house Seattle

>>Hmmm. I never asked that question as it means little to me who is paying. But you can at least go and find out for yourself. And get the stick out of your butt about those guys. All of them aren't blood mages. Be there at the meet and make your decision.<<
>>I'll go and check it out, I suppose. But you gotta understand that just because the one I'm working for isn't a blood mage, doesn't mean I'm not working for a blood mage - Atzlan's higher ups are more likely to be blood mages, and that means that an order for a job can come from higher up the chain, from someone who is one - I won't chance working for a blood mage, even by proxy. I'll drop that stick when the blood mages stop doing blood magic.<<

I was fuming a little inside - blood magic, necromancy, toxic magic, fire spells and spirits - as a sea shaman those things get me all riled up. To me, they're perversions of the most precious thing of all - life, and there's nothing more beautiful or valuable then that to a sea shaman. That's not to say sea shamans aren't willing to kill - death is a part of the cycle of life, after all - but to twist and pervert life is far worse than to kill it. I can't help but feel for all the victims those blasted blood mages have taken the lives of and twisted beyond repair.

Despite that, I'm going to check this out - if the Johnson isn't an Azzie, or the job doesn't look like it's from Atzlan and Aztech, then we might have business worth talking about.
Thursday 13 June 2075 2004 Hikari's house Seattle

>>OK. You are to ask for Rene. And that does not sound like an Azzie name to me. And sorry about the stick comment. I know....................well, just sorry. Let me know how it turns out.<<
>>Will do, and apology accepted. Thanks for sending some work my way. Talk to you later." <<

I looked at the clock - not really enough time to bind a spirit before the meet, at least not one powerful enough to be extremely useful. I'd have to wait on that. I'm lucky though - most Johnsons don't meet at 1:00AM. They like their sleep as much as I do. What that says about this Johnson and this job, I'm not sure. Makes me afraid it might be short notice - I don't like short notice, but I'll take the work if I need it.

I finished my soykaf, and turned my attention to something else: a much needed haircut - have to do one every twelve hours or so, or the stuff would be dragging on the floor in a day. It grows that fast, thanks to my condition. Grabbing the scissors from my bag, I started trimming the glowing blue strands into a bob. I've had this odd bioluminescent blue hair as long as I can remember. I wonder what color they were before I SURGE'd.

Thursday 13 June 2075 2010 Hikari's house Seattle

By now you are fairly good at hacking your hair off and it does not take too long. It is not a professional salon job, but you would be broke all the time if you went to one of those places. Oh, yeah, you are mostly broke all of the time anyway. Based on the distance and the route you need to take, your estimate of driving time is about 53 minutes if you were to leave now, or 33 minutes if you leave after midnight.
OOC: If I'm reading military time correctly, I've got a couple hours yet, so the midnight time is a better departure time. Correct me if I'm wrong.


I decided it was time for a Matrix search about the restaurant, the Hot Taco as it was called. (Tacos will be a first, they never served those back at the school.). I wanted to find out where in Touristville I needed to go, if I couldn't remember it, and I also wanted to find out if they were owned by Aztech. No sense in putting money in blood mages' pockets if I could help it, either.

Let me know if I get any rolls wrong, this is my first Shadowrun game.
Matrix Search for Hot Taco Resturant: 7d6t5 1

OOC: Forgot Hikari would also try to remember anything she might know about the place.

IC: Thinking back, I might have seen something about the place before, as well. What was it again? Nope, nothing I can remember.

Remembering details about the Hot Taco Resturant: 6d6t5 0 So much for that....
Thursday 13 June 2075 2015 Hikari's house Seattle

In your defense, there is not much to know about the place and it might even be easy to forget, except for one thing: they make the best fragging tacos in the world, or at least seven people being paid to say such things do indeed say them. The place is a hole in the wall type of diner. The AR menu is mostly of the Mexican variety. If there is any link to the Azzies here it is well hidden, probably by the corporation.
Seeing little else to do before the meet, I work on my guns, cleaning them and making sure all my clips are loaded. If I've got a job coming up, I'll want to be prepared for the work. I don't bring any along - to much potential trouble for visiting a resturant, and basically nowhere to put them.

After that, I head for the bus, looking at the AR menu to give me an idea of what might be good to eat.

OOC: Depending on the dress code, Hikari is either wearing her Sleeping Tiger, or her regular jacket.

Friday 14 June 2075 0033 Outside Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

Yeah, the only dress code you can find is "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service". The bus ride out to Touristville is quick at this time of night and you are let off at a stop about two blocks from the diner with just about twenty-seven minutes before the meeting. Even at this time of night, Touristville is jumping. It services a far different sort of clientele in the wee hours than it does during the day. The family groups with parents and kidfs have been replaced by many of those same parent, but without kids in tow, who are looking for a bit of the darker side of what this place, called the tourist mecca in some travel mags and e-zines. Neon lights advertise bars that offer just about every sort of adult gratification that is legal. Men and women in dim alleys offer just about every sort of adult gratification that is not legal.

The Hot Taco is a smallish diner from the outside, appearing to be some old railroad dining car converted to a new purpose after being dumped by the railroad. You see a number of people inside the structure, sitting at several booths or along the long counter.
I don't want to show up too early, so I lean up against the wall for a while, enduring a few looks from passerby - SURGE doesn't come without that, and while mine was fortuitous enough to make me beautiful and exotic rather than freakish, blue skin and bioluminescent hair still stands out just about anywhere. About fifteen til, I head into the 'Taco, thinking that they ought to paint the rail-car like one.

I turn to one of the staff by the entrance as I step inside.
"Is Rene here?"
Friday 14 June 2075 0045 Outside Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

The gum popping waitress in the too short dress gives you a close look then must decide that you are certainly not the strangest thing she has ever seen and gives you a tired smile as she shakes her head. "Sorry, dear, no one working here by that name. If you're meeting someone, you can sit over there by the window. Can I get you something to drink while you wait?"
I smiled, "Guess I'm early then. I'll take some water for now - they should be here in around fifteen minutes."

When it comes to meeting a Mr. Johnson, I'd rather be early than late, but I guess I overshot the time. I take a seat near the door, and open the menu in AR, looking for something good to eat, but I keep my senses on alert, just in case.
Friday 14 June 2075 0046 Outside Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

The waitress nods and you go sit at the indicated table. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the menu is full of different kinds of tacos. You probably had no idea that there are so many kinds. The waitress brings you your water and looks at you. "First time here? If you are not sure, I would recommend the chicken. Some of the more esoteric ones are designed for specific tastes."
I took a quick look at the menu, to check the price, probably not too much for a place like this. "Sure, I'll try that, unless you've got some kind of seafood taco."
Friday 14 June 2075 0047 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

"Sure we do. Several different kinds, actually. Look on page twenty-three of the menu to see them all. Once you decide, just punch the codes into the terminal there and I will bring them out to you when they are ready. Press the button on the left there to call me if you want anything else." She smiles at you and moves off to another table.
I took a quick glance at page twenty-three, quickly settling on the tuna and crab taco, and entering the code (adding a note to go light on anything spicy). I only went for a krill-based version - my budget can only afford so much right now.

With my order in the system, I leaned back a little, but stayed on alert looking for "Rene".

OOC: Would like to get this meet going.
Friday 14 June 2075 0100 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

Your food is brought to you be the cheerful waitress who stops by a couple of minutes later to make sure that it is not too spicy for you.

At precisely 0100, you notice a young woman enter the diner and approach the waitress, who points to where you are sitting. The girl nods a thanks to her and comes to stand at your table. Her French accent is quite clear when she speaks. "I am Renee. You are waiting for me, oui? May I sit at your table, please?"
"You're welcome to join me. How are you?"

I studied Renee closely. I like to have a decent idea of who I'm dealing with it comes a job.

Perception of Renee: 8d6t5 4
Friday 14 June 2075. 0101. Hot Taco. Touristville. Seattle

Renee appears to be in her early 20s, standing about 5'6" and perhaps a bit shy of 130 pounds. Her hair is a washed out blonde and is cut short so as to hang just above the collar of the jacket she is wearing over a midriff-baring shirt. Her skirt hugs her hips and stops just above her knees. She is hugging a folder against her ample chest, but puts it on the table as she pulls out a chair and sits opposite you. She looks at you through glasses that really do little for her face. She pauses then starts speaking all in a rush. "Youmaythinkiamcrazy,butithinksomethingandbythatimeansomeoneistryingtokillal
IC: I listened as I studied - my only impression was that she might be some kind of college student, perhaps foreign exchange - the French accent was pretty clear. The speed with which Renee started talking was remarkable, and I barely caught it - but what she said caught my attention. Someone trying to kill all the fish is not a good thing - I have friends who will not be happy about that - which is good because it's less likely to be a solo job.

Whatever it is, though, I'm going to want to see more information about this. First, though, I need to calm her down enough that I can collect information.

"Woah. Slow down. I can tell you're excited, or nervous, probably both. If this is going to be a productive conversation, I've gotta be able to understand what you have to say. Someone's trying to kill all the fish? If that's the case, then I both want and need to know more. That said, I think you've got the right person with the right connections to do something about this."

I decided to take a gamble that I usually don't - I lowered my scarf on one side, the one that I usually use to hide my gills, long enough for Renee to catch a glimpse that would give one a decent idea of what they were. Hopefully, that would draw some attention away from her stress, and establish me as someone who can be trusted to take a personal interest in the case.

"You can call me Azure, by the way. Start from the top - who's trying to kill fish, and why?"

Friday 14 June 2075 0103 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

Renee blushes. "Sorry. I tend to run on when I get excited. Oh my God, are those what I think they are? OK, listen, I am a grad student at the U, assisting Professor Stan Grant." Her face takes on a worried look. "Only I haven't seen the professor in two days and he is not answering his phone."

She pushes the folder across the table to you. "Here is some of our research, at least the part that I have. The rest is at his house and........"

At this moment, you notice that a bright red dot appears on her forehead.
I gave a quick nod to her question about the gills, and automatically though that Professor was likely dead or hostage - first step in recon would be a B&E mission to find that research.

The instant I saw the red dot my instincts took over - simply knowing what it means from spending some time in the shadows. I shouted out
"Down, Sniper!", and followed with a string of rapid-fire Japanese under my breath, "Anata ga miru koto ga dekinai mono o utsu koto wa dekimasen!*" as I rushed off an equally fast string of gestures with my left hand - a second later Renee vanished from sight. I though of a smoke-bomb, and my trodes did the rest - there was an audible pop as one popped out of my reactive myomer backpack, and into my reaching right hand.

Whelp, I wasn't expecting that!

Suprise Test (+3 dice for seeing laser sight): 11d6t5 3
Init Roll: 8+1d6 10

Free Action: Speak : "Down, Sniper!"
Simple Action: Reckless Spellcasting (Improved Invisibility (Force 4, Drain 6), Sustained on Focused Concetration)
Improved Invisibility: 12d6t5 4
Drain Resist: 13d6t5 4 (Take 2 Stun)
Simple Action: Reactive Myomer Pack (Retreive Item (Smokebomb), Free as Simple?)
I don't have HT on hand (haven't moved the PDF from my other laptop to Google Drive), but I believe you can retrieve as Free if wireless is on? Correct me if I'm wrong - if that's not the case then Hikari would duck herself.

I also noticed that Chummer was messing up with the ammo again for the stuff in the myomer bag - I'm sending what should be the last profile your way and updating on the char page. Any tweaks should only have affected the gear.

*Google Translate: "You cannot shoot what you cannot see!"

Friday 14 June 2075 0103 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

Confusion reigns supreme in the small diner. Three customers and the waitress dive for the floor at your warning and others rise to their feet. Renee vanishes but you see her chair scoot back from the table as something puts a hole in the window and smashes into the back of her chair. In a moment of clarity, you see a man enter the diner, carrying a large pistol in his hands and you have a smoke grenade in yours.
Spotting the man with the pistol, I dropped the smokebomb on the floor, the ceramic shell breaking open with a slight flash and a burst of smoke in all directions. I pulled over the full-face hood on the chameleon suit, which triggers the ruthenium coating, before pulling jacket and scarf off over my head in one motion, holding onto them.

If there's any confusion, smokebombs are a seperate piece of gear from Hard Targets, not smoke grenades. They're cheaper (less than half the cost) which makes them a good substitute at charecter creation - they sacrifice range of effect (3 meters vs. 10) and duration (1 combat turn vs. 4), but they provide enough obfuscation for me to have time to trigger my suit. They have a fragile ceramic shell, so a drop should be enough to trigger one. .

I'm guessing that we're on the next combat turn here, so a new initiative roll.

Init Roll: 8+1d6 14

Free Action: Drop Object, Smoke Bomb
Simple Action: Change Device Mode (Activate Chameleon Suit)
Simple Action: Remove Jacket & Scarf
Friday 12 June 2075 0103 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

Confusion reigns supreme in the diner. You feel someone push something at you and realize that it is Renee. "Here takethisyouarearunnereverythingisherepleasehelpus!"

The girl is on her feet in a flash and running for the door.
A million thoughts rushed through my head as she said that. Some part of me sighed internally - if she got out of here alive, I was going to have to track her down and make sure she got into a safe-house. With Pistol Guy at the door, and her already running towards him, that was looking less likely by the second.

I immediately turned my attention to what I figured was her best bet for survival - a spirit - and given that I need all the help I can get right now, water is the obvious choice - the friends of the Daughter of the Sea have always been more willing to help me than the other kinds.

I let out a series of sounds, from the world of the sea itself - like a mixture of dolphin and whale song. (Having sonar myself means I can handle making some noises like that). I reached threads of mana out towards the plane of water, and I felt one catch a spirit, and I pulled on that thread while I let the others go slack. I pulled the spirit through, and it awaited my instructions.

She had pushed something into my hands along with the jacket and scarf - the folder, I'm guessing, not that I can tell with all this smoke. I pushed all three towards the myomer pack. I'm not sure how fast it will absorb them, but I have to get them all. Can't risk leaving evidence or material links behind.


Summon Spirit (Water, Force 3): 11d6t5 4 vs Spirit Summons Resist: 3d6t5 2 (I get +2 dice(I'm guessing dice? It just says +2) from mentor spirit)

Really, what are the odds the spirit gets two hits on 3 dice?

Drain Resist (4 Drain): 13d6t5 2 Or that I only get two hits on thirteen dice for the resistance? I now have 4 stun and -1 condition monitor penalty.
Free: Reactive Myomer Pack (Put Away Item(s?) - If you'll allow it to put away all three in a free, go for it - otherwise I'll just have to keep using free for that.)

Friday 12 June 2075 0104 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

The cover of the smoke begins dissipating almost as soon as it forms, but the diner is small and it stays around for an extra bit of time. The crush of people trying to leave might help Renee as well, but you lose sight of her in the smoke and confusion. You also do not hear any shots from the pistol guy near the door, and that could be a good sign. The spirit takes the form of a mermaid and waits your instructions. You try to push your items into the sack, but find that you can do the folder and scarf or the jacket, but not everything at the same time.

OOC: If your initiative is 14, you used two simple actions on the first IP and one complex action on the second. I will give you the jacket OR the folder and scarf as a free action this round and then a free action in the next combat turn. Roll initiative. There are two apparent enemies; one at the door and a sniper.
I immediately asked the spirit - "Can you engulf the man with the pistol near the doorway until he's knocked out, and then find & knock out the sniper? Thank you very much."

As the folder and scarf were pulled into the myomer pack, I pushed the jacket into the bag.

Next, tracking Renee - Astral sight might let me get an idea of where her aura was, though it was still unlikely to find her. I focused and the world shifted, smoke fading out some to reveal a whirlwind of colored emotions and auras. The pandemonium left an emotional residue, seeming to give the whole place a bit of bright color.

Free Action: Jacket into Myomer bag.
Simple Action: Command Spirit
Simple Action Shift Perception (Astral Sight)

Init Roll: 8+1d6 13 Not entirely clear on how the stun condition modifier works with init, so feel free to correct as needed.

For my own reference in the next few posts: a magician can spend a Complex Action to reduce the time required for an astral signature to fade ( Core pg 312). Each complex action spent reduces the time by an hour.

Two questions that are about to be really relevant - does summoning a spirit leave a temporary signature or only while the spirit lasts? Does the fact that an area where a spell took effect also has an astral signature leave a trail of sorts that could be followed to find Renee while I am sustaining the spell?
Friday 12 June 2075 0104 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

The spirit grins at you. "Perhaps. At least I can distract him. I am not sure what you mean by sniper, though." It seems to flow away and materializes near the man at the door, who is trying to push people out of the way to get a visual on your table. There is no sign of Renee in the thinning crowd so maybe she got out. There is a struggle at the door as your spirit friend tries to engulf the man, but it looks like that is all you are going to get. He is clearly doing his best to avoid the watery ropes.


Yes, you will leave a signature for F hours, but you can reduce that time by one hour for each complex action you devote to that process. Doing so would mean that you might delay your departure from the diner. I think that it will be difficult to follow her astral signature.
I didn't have time to explain to the spirit what a sniper was - next time I'll have to try "far-away rifle-shooter". I sneaked away from the table I had initially been speaking with Renee at, no sense in giving the sniper or pistol-man a good place to shoot at. Then I turned my attention to the astral signature - leaving it behind would give people, all with ill intent, a way to track me. I focused on the signature, imaging waves crashing against a shore and washing away a drawing in the sand.

OOC: I'm guessing that, dice wise, the spirit's having trouble with the melee attack for engulf?

Because otherwise it's a lot of repeated posts, I'd suggest we assume that Hikari is continuing to wipe her astral signature until it's gone, unless an event occurs that would justify her reaction. (i.e. sniper shot, pistol guy takes a shot at her, police sirens showing up, spirit disrupted. )

Free Action: Move
Complex Action: Wipe Astral Signature

Prior roll in log forgot penalties for stun and astral perception. Sneaking: 7d6t5 2. Which stinks, because the other roll was way better.

Friday 12 June 2075 0104 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

As you clear your signature from the astral, you observe that your spirit is indeed having a bit of trouble with the man at the door, but at the same time, the man is not really making any progress against the spirit. The way would be clear for you to race past the man.....................if it were not for the pesky sniper. Strangely enough, he has not fired after the initial shot. Has he left? Has he moved? Did he even see you to recognize you in the crowd of people outside the diner.

With my signature now cleared, I shifted out of astral perception and focused my attention the physical plane. I didn't have a way to track the sniper, but I took a good look out the window in case I could see the sniper somewhere as I began to run towards the door. My next goal is to get out of here before the police arrive, and then find Renee and get her (maybe myself to) into a safe-house.

OOC: Writing this post with the assumption that you took my suggestion of skipping otherwise repeated turns.

Init Roll: 8+1d6 11

Simple Action: Shift Perception: Astral -> Physical
Simple Action: Observe in Detail (Perception): 7d6t5 1
Free Action: Run

Is Seattle Lone Star, KE, or some other contractor right now? Just curious.
Friday 12 June 2075 0105 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

The man at the door is too involved with your spirit to even notice you leaving the diner. Your quick look out the shattered window told you nothing about the sniper. You are sure that Renee fled into the crowd but she is nowhere in sight as you emerge. Several people wave you over to the apparent relative safety of the building across the street. One man calls out, "Hey! Over here. We have called KE and they are sending someone to see what is going on."
I continued running towards the end of the block, headed around the corner, dodging around a few pedestrians in route. I thought to the spirit, "You've held him off for long enough - you can return to the astral and follow me."

As I ran, I fired off a Matrix message to Jackie Talon: >>Meet went south, sniper tried to take out client. Can you track down a safe-house? She will likely need one if I can find her again, and I may need to join her. Do you have her comm code? I assume it may be compromised and I won't message her a meet location directly for that reason, but I have a few Matrix connections that might be able to track her down with it <<

I fired off a message to Deepdwelver as well: >>How much to track someone if I have their comm-code? I know that's a little outside your usual work, but I kind of need to right now. <<

OOC: Remember that I'm still wearing a chameleon suit, which was activated during the fight - people across the street wouldn't be likely to see me, unless they've got great eyesight - and thermal won't help because the suit has thermal dampening. Ultrasound/astral aura are really the only things likely to give a clue. Even if they saw something it wouldn't look much like me with the suit on. Assuming we are out of combat now. And that invisibility spell on Renee is still being sustained via focused concentration, by the way.

Friday 12 June 2075 0105 Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

The spirit lets the man loose and returns to the astral, following you as you head down the block.

>>Hikari [Jackie Talon]: Sounds like you have been quite busy. I will keep my ear to the scanners and news feeds to see what is being said. Are you alright? I have her com code and will send it to you.<<

>>Hikari [Deepdweller]: You are correct about that being a bit out of the norm for me, but I have a bit of free time. Send me the code and I will see what I can do. Just find this person and notify you or......?"


Actually, unless we are reading two different descriptions of the chameleon suit, it really only gives you +2 to your limit and +2 to sneaking if wireless. I am also pretty sure that the effect is less than perfect if you are moving, and even less if you are running, because the sensors do not have time to keep up with the changing background as you walk or run. Some one else with a good bit of luck or really good eyes/ears might also find you. Somebody saw something and somebody called out to you, but it does not seem to be a case of someone following you, so the suit works. Not perfectly, but it works.

>>Jackie Talon [Hikari] I'm fine, but need that comm code fast. <<

>>Deepdwelver [Hikari] Active tracking until we're sure the target is safe. Bonus points if you find and brick a sniper rifle, and maybe get some info from the PAN it's connected to, but those are lower priority. .<<

I took shelter behind the corner of the street - more likely to be further away. . I shifted my goggles into place, switching them into thermal vision - a little better in case the sniper is still around- there could even be more than one, come to think of it.

Friday 12 June 2075 0108 Outside the Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

>>Hikari [Deepdweller]: Got the code and will try, but you need to know that this is a very long shot. I will let you know what I can do<<

From your vantage point, you do not see a sniper emerge from hiding, nor do you see the pistol man. There are a number of people hiding behind cars and in doorways, though, one of whom seems to be looking in your general direction for a few seconds before shrugging and turning his gaze back to the diner.


How long are you going to stay there?
I thought about it for a second, >>Deepdwelver [Hikari]Even if you can verify that the comm isn't compromised and secure the line for a few minutes, that would work for what I need. Any idea how long this will take?<<

Noticing that someone had spotted me, I decided to sneak and shift my cover just a bit once the one who shrugged looked away. I moved behind a car, parked near the corner.

OOC: How long Hikari stays will probably depend on how long the trace/verification takes. If it's going to take a few minutes, she'll decide now would be a good time to disappear from the scene.

It's Deepdwelver, not Deepdweller. No biggie.
Sneaking: 9d6t5 4
Friday 12 June 2075 0108 Outside the Hot Taco Touristville Seattle

>>Hikari [Deepdwelver]: It will take about five minutes to set up what I need and even then it might not work. I will get back to you.<<

You are able to shift your position without anyone noticing.
With a wait time like that, best to move away from the scene. I want to be at least a few blocks away before the cops arrive.

I began to sneak away - keep your head low when you can hide behind parked cars, don't move to fast when you can't. If a pedestrian is too close, freeze. I don't want to leave much more evidence of where I am. After I got about two blocks away, I started looking for a secure spot to meet with Renee - if she could get somewhere, then I'd need a safe spot from which to get her to a safehouse. That, and a ladies room or an alley that wasn't too dark where I could decloak my suit would be a nice touch.

Sneaking: 9d6t5 1 Well, at least it's not a glitch.
Area Knowledge (Seattle): 6d6t5 3 In case I could remember any such spots.

Feel free to supersede this post a little if something should have happened.

Friday 12 June 2075 0112 Somewhere in Touristville Seattle

It is easy to avoid the people wandering about, most of them heading up towards the Hot Taco to try to see what all the fuss is about. From a narrow alleyway, you can hear the sirens of approaching KE cars. No one seems to have noticed you as you made your way here and the only other person nearby is a passed-out drunk just around the corner on the street.

>>Hikari [Jackie Talon]: Hey, the girl answered my call. I told her that you are looking for her. She is on the move and sounds half crazed. Do you want to meet and where?<<
I stayed cloaked in the alley for now. With that message I would need to move soon. Have to stay fluid, like the river - adapt to the changing currents around me. That's a key to dealing with situations like this.  

>>Jackie Talon [Hikari]: I'm still worried that her comm may be compromised. I've got a decker working on that issue. Keep her on the line and calm, don't let her say where she is just yet. Tell her to find a place a few blocks away and stay put, I'll come to her as soon as it's safe to do.. Check if the cloak I put on her is working.  If she wants to you can transfer the call to me. <<

>>Deepdwelver [Hikari]: Focus on the secure line aspect instead of the trace. That's what I need now. And how much for this by the way?<<

My instincts made me check the drunk for a pulse. Even if there was little I could do for him, I could feel the Daughter encouraging my compassion. 

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Friday 12 June 2075 0112 Somewhere in Touristville Seattle

>>Hikari [Jackie Talon]: I am on a compromised line and you want me to keep her? Some friend you are. I am transferring her to you and getting off the line. ~~~~~ OK, Renee. Stay calm. Hikari is on the line and I am dropping off. Luck to you<<

>>Hikari [Renee]: Hello? Are you the girl from the diner? Are you alright? I am fragging frightened out of my gourd. You're the professional; what should I do?<<

The man is still breathing and seems to be passed out on the street.
>>>Jackie Talon [Hikari]: Might be, might be. I'm just being paranoid, have to assume it's possible, because of all the unknowns in this situation. And use the street name next time, especially on a possibly insecure line!<<< I fired off a text after she had shut off her line. You'd think an experienced smuggler would know at least bit about Matrix security. Apparently not! 

I answered Renee:
>>> Yes, it's me, I'm fine. First, stay calm. A level head will keep you alive. Second, get to a location that looks safe, but don't repeat it's location until I tell you that this line is secure. We'll get you to a safehouse as soon as we can. Is the cloak I gave you holding - can anyone see you? Did the sniper-shot injure you?<<<

Mentally, I made a note to ask her what "frightened out of my gourd" was supposed to mean. That's an English phrase I haven't heard before. Problem with not being a native speaker. 

>>>Deepdwelver [Hikari]: Don't mean to rush you, but any word on the security of the line? <<<

OOC: I'm guessing that my karma count is
24 / 2 posts in topic = 12
Starter: 5 or 6 from OP char info.
4 karma from OP posts to add contacts.
-1 to mark Kyra as family
Total: 23 or 24?
That should be enough to spend on a flex sig initation, and leave me with 10 or 11 karma. (I guess you should be the one to decide if that's 2 or 3 from my background on OP?) If you need IC justification for picking that up, let me know, but keep in mind that I'll want to pick up centering just a few posts down the line - probably 10 or 12 to be exact?

Nuyen from posting is probably at 24000 (Dumpshock) plus 8000 from adding contacts to OP. Not yet sure if I want to spend that on the bike, an RPC lined coat and scarf plus an ultrasound generator, some B&E tools, or save it for some really fancy RPC Hardened Milspec (100,000 or so). Hikari doesn't hesitate to spend signifigant amounts on good armor.
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