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Friday 14 June 2075 0349 Hikari's Warehouse Seattle

The spirit chuckles. "I will think of something and let you know."
"In the meantime, may I ask of you a final favor? Could you find Urje, one of the local warden spirits? I need to deliver a message to her, that I've found out some information on an undersea mining operation that's probably outputting some nasty stuff, and that it would be helpful if we could meet soon to discuss recon, perhaps towards dawn tomorrow? This warehouse will probably work as a place to meet up although we might want to move to another spot once she arrives at here because a third party was the source of the intel, and that would be the best person to hear it from first hand."

OOC: Obviously a remote service here, but it was the last one anyway.

Friday 14 June 2075 0349 Hikari's Warehouse Seattle

The spirit nods in understanding and flows away, leaving you alone in the warehouse.
With that matter taken care of, I set off towards the professor's house.

On the way, I popped Melvin a message - I set it so that it wouldn't disturb him, but he should see it whenever he woke up to open up his shop.

>>> Melvin [Hikari]: Hey Melvin, I'm hoping to stop by this morning, need to resupply on ammo. Would you be able to rustle up, say 200 or so gel rounds and a bunch of spare clips for a Steyr TMP? Might also discuss some armor needs when I drop by.<<<

OOC: Amazingly I somehow forgot to get spare clips & gel for the thing during chargen.
Friday 14 June 2075 0455 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

The drive to the professor's house is uneventful. A quick drive-by of the house shows some lights on in the living room and three cars in the drive way and the adjacent street.
Three cars and a light on - good chance that someone is here. Renee said she hasn't heard from him, so I'm guessing that either they're looking for something, or, less likely, someone is holding him here. (The final option would be that he's not laying low and all, but I doubt that and it doesn't explain two extra cars very well.

I put my jacket and scarf into my bag, and pulled up the full-face hood of my chameleon suit, activating it. I switched my goggles to thermal before I took good look around for anything that might not be immediately obvious, noting the surroundings - any bushes or trees big enough to conceal or provide cover, nearby fences, and especially concealed persons, drones or device. My SURGE gave me a literal sixth sense (if you count the sonar, I even have seven). I'm electroreceptive, much like a shark, which means I can feel the electric feilds of things around me - circuits, sometimes even people. Unlike most other means of detection, there really isn't much of a way to hide from it.

I then shifted my focus to the matrix, looking around for devices- sensors, comms, guns, and personas especially, before looking into the astral, checking for wards on the house and any surrounding astral forms or auras of note.

Sneaking (+2 Chameleon Suit, -1 Stun): 9d6t5 2
Perception: 7d6t5 1
Matrix Perception: 4d6t5 1 , forgot wound modifier, so:
Matrix Perception (- 1 wound, -1 default): 3d6t5 2
Assenssing (Astral Perception): 7d6t5 3
Friday 14 June 2075 0505 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

There are plenty of places near the house where someone could be hiding. The hedge to each side that forms a wall between the house and the properties to either side, several large bushes in the yard, and a faux well in the front yard. You do not detect anyone hiding in any of these places. There are eight people in the house and a host of devices.


Not absolutely sure, but if a gun is part of a PAN is it visible as a gun or is it just part of the persona or what it is slaved to?
htg a little burned out from the reckless casting to save Renee earlier, I was gonna need some reagents. Thankfully, I had thought ahead and brought some. I popped open six vials of salt water mixed with sea sand that were on the attachable gear access to my suit.

I waved my hands, muttering some Japanese, adding invisibility to the effects of my chameleon suit. I also checked to make sure my PAN was running silent.

With that taken care of, I circled around the house, sneaking around and checking possible hiding spots so that I wouldn't get taken by surprise, and also making note of them for future cover.

OOC: I think they are visible as distinct icons - some section of the core mentions that they aren't filtered out like most PAN devices because they are "interesting or dangerous". That said I'm to busy to spare time looking it up. You didn't mention any spirits/wards lurking around so I'm assuming there aren't any.

For my own tracking -
Spent Regents (Total): 6

Improved Invisibility (-1 Wound, at Force 1, Regent Set Limit: 6): 11d6t5 4
Drain Resist (2) (-1 Wound Penalty): 12d6t5 4 No drain taken!

Spell placed on sustaining focus for illusions.

Perception: 7d6t5 1
Sneaking: 9d6t5 5
I'd be amazed if someone could spot me between the spell and the sneak roll.
Friday 14 June 2075 0510 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

By the time you cast your spell and do a good walk around the back of the house, you are pretty sure of at least two things; first that you are pretty hard to see and second, that there is no one hiding outside the building. However, just as you finish your check, you notice the back door open and two men step onto the porch and light up cigarettes. Their conversation seems to be mostly about the new girl down at the Roxy. You have no idea where the Roxy is, but it sounds like a strip club, based on what these two are saying.


No wards or extra spirits hanging about that you could detect. And, yes, you are probably quite difficult to see. As I recall, the spell does not cover noise or smell, right?

I quickly switched to astral perception, looking to make sure neither of the two was Awakened like myself, and also checking for cyber. I passively glanced again as well to see if there were any spirits or wards that I hadn't seen before on this side of the house. I also used one of the sensor bands I wear on my wrist to double-check with a ware scanner.

I was playing it careful here - right now I was possibly outnumbered eight-to-one, and I'm not going to start a fight I can't finish. If these guys look like they have any serious gear, then I'll either have to pull out all the stops from the spirit world or come back later with a team.

OOC: Would I have seen any guns earlier?

You're right that noise and smell remain uncovered - although I can cast a silence spell if I need it. There is a conceal scent spell, which I intend to learn, but I have to balance spell learning with initiation in terms of Karma use - centering and quickening are pretty important to get. (Curious if Cutting Aces also might have some scent concealer gear? Don't have the book, so I wouldn't know.) I also have thermal dampening on that chameleon suit, so there's a pretty decent penalty against thermographic vision. I don't have any countermeasures to ultrasound/radar, but ultrasonic noise generators and jammers (Those can counter radar sensors, right?) are on a mental shopping list for gear, and my personal perspective is that silence spell can help deal with motion sensors, if you agree.

Assenssing (-1 Stun Penalty): 7d6t5 5 Now that's a better roll!
Perception (Cyberware Scanner, -1 Stun): 7d6t5 1
I'm not entirely sure how sensor rolls work - one of those things that seems poorly covered in the core book I'm guessing you roll perception and the sensor rating is your limit? The cyberware scanner referenced is part of one of Hikari's handheld housings, which she wears kind of like a watch.
Friday 14 June 2075 0511 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

The two men in the back appear to be armed with a handgun, as are two of those still in the house. The other four do not appear to be armed with guns. The two men do have some minimal implants but the limited range of the scanner does not allow you to know if anyone else is 'wared up. No one appears to be awakened.


The listing I have for the scanner does not indicate if it tells you specifically what the ware is.
I laid down, and then projected into the astral plane. I slipped into the house, taking a good look at the people inside - trying to both assess their abilities in terms of cyber and magic, and looking for any evidence one of them might be the professor held captive, or some clue on what they might be doing.

OOC: With the assessing, I should have gotten a great idea on the cyber as well, what with five hits (Core, pg. 313) - That reveals both the presence and the location - i.e. Cyberlimbs are obvious, wired reflexes/skillwires will look like something spread throughout the body, a datajack like a floating blob in the skull. I'd know even if they had delta/bioware, or gene/nanotech. Could even identify a technomancer or tell what diseases they have. Wards would probably show up with that many hits two.

EDIT: In light of the fact that each target will need an individual assensing roll:

For the second guard outside: Assenssing: 7d6t5 4

For targets inside:
1.Assenssing (-1 Stun): 7d6t5 3
2.Assenssing: 7d6t5 3
3.Assenssing: 7d6t5 2
4.Assenssing: 7d6t5 3
5.Assenssing: 7d6t5 2
6.Assenssing: 7d6t5 1

If any of them are immediately obvious as dual-natured, Hikari will probably slip out before completing this test. Feel free to roll more dice for me if there's more people inside than the commlinks indicated on Matrix perception.

Friday 14 June 2075 0511 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

Outside Guard 1 [5]: Alpha implants at the eyes, ears, and scattered along the major nervous system paths. Healthy. Emotionally ambivalent. Not awakened. Essence is 3.76

Outside Guard 2 [4]: Same as guard 1.

Inside Guard 3 [3] (Near front door): Same as guard 1. Cannot detect exact Essence, but it is less than yours.

Inside Guard 4 [3] (In room with other men): Same as guard 1 except that he has lots more 'ware along his bones and his right arm is 'ware. He seems happier than the rest. His essence is less than yours.

Man 1 [2]: No 'ware. Not awakened. Healthy. Angry.

Man 2 [3]: No 'ware. Not awakened. Healthy. Angry. Essence is equal to yours.

Man 3 [2]: No 'ware. Not awakened. Healthy. Ambivalent.

Man 4 [1]: No 'ware. Not awakened. Slightly injured. Angry and worried.

I randomized the four men in the room that were not guards. Let me know if you think I owe more information. I put your assensing score in brackets next to the person's number for reference.
I returned to my body. I'm fairly sure that one of those men inside was the professor, given that he was injured and worried. I'm not sure why they thought it was a good idea to hold him hostage in his own house - seems an obvious location that gets looked at if he's reported missing. I'm going to need some quick reflexes to compete with some of those guys, since it looks like they're wired up, and a water spirit for backup.

I again focused my magic and popped some regent vials open, muttering a little more under my breath. I suddenly felt my perception of the world almost speed up, the subtle cue of increase reflexes that the right spell can provide. I then reached out threads of mana across the astral towards the metaplanes, and felt a spirit grab on as I reeled them in.

OOC: That's just about everything I need to know. The good hits on those assenssing rolls paid off.

Increased Reflexes (Force 1, Regent Set Limit 6) (-1 Stun): 11d6t5 3 Not as good as I was hopeing for. Spell on health sustaining focus.
Drain Resist (2) (-1 Stun: 12d6t5 3 No drain taken
Spent Regents (Total): 12
Spent Regents (This Post): 6

Summoning (-1 Stun, +2 Water Spirit(Force 6)): 12d6t5 3 vs. Resist Summoning: 6d6t5 1 I've earned 2 services.
Drain Resist (2) (- 1 Stun): 12d6t5 2 Thankfully, no drain taken, just barely.
(As a reminder spirits first appear in astral space(Core pg 300, Step 2) , so we shouldn't have it popping up just anywhere and breaking our cover. Optional powers,: Energy Aura, Elemental Attack (both lightning, if that's possible, but otherwise probably cold).
Friday 14 June 2075 0513 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

You manage to summon a Spirit of water to assist you. It sits just off your location in the Astral, waiting for your first command.


I would think that their energy would be cold, not electricity.

It looks like I will need some sort of primer on fighting spirits. Can something be done in the OOC thread so I am not completely clueless?
I focused on the sounds around me as I readied more regents, muttering more Japanese as I waved my hands, willing them to disappear, The sounds faded away a little as the silence spell took hold, but not anywhere near as much as I had hoped they would. Hopefully residential gunfire won't bring the cops in to fast.

I turned my mind's attention to the spirit next to me, thinking to her,
"Thank you for coming. I need your help rescuing someone I suspect is a hostage. My plan is to have you materialize inside that building in an empty room, and then conceal yourself before you take out those inside the building. Try and knock out our targets, but don't hesitate to hurt them if necessary. The one who's already a bit hurt and worried, leave him alone. I'll be going in that back door to back you up. What should I call you?"

I drew and took aim took aim with my Steyr TMP (chameleon coating already active), and and let loose a burst into the one on the left.

Silence (-1 Stun, Force 1, Regent Set Limit 4): 11d6t5 1 Nowhere near as good as I would have hoped on that roll... so lucky I didn't glitch. (Focused Concentration, no sustaining penalty).
Drain Resist (2) (-1 Stun): 12d6t5 2 My drain resist rolls keep hitting right on the edge too...
Spent Regents (Total): 16 (This Post: 4)
After commanding the spirit, rolling initiative. I get +3 on init and an additional die from increased reflexes.
Inititative: 8+3+2d6 18

Simple Action: Take Aim (+1 Dice)
Simple Action: Burst Fire (-1 Stun, +2 Take Aim & Smart Link): 12d6t5 5

Noticed some of the other players pulling off a trick where you can do multiple rolls at once? If someone cares to detail that in OOC, appreciated! Would be handy to roll drain and spells at the same time.
Friday 14 June 2075 0513 Outside the Professor's House Seattle


I am a bit confused. It sounds to me that you are telling the spirit to appear inside an empty room then just come out and begin attacking people. Is that correct? I don't want to have it just go into the room with five people in it if you want it to go after the the single man at the front of the house and I am not sure that I know where it is supposed to attack. Also, unless I am seeing something wrong, it looks like burst fire (long or short) is a complex action, not a simple one.

Can you please clarify what instructions you are giving the spirit?
OOC: Core, Pg. 179, states that burst fire is simple. Long Burst is the complex version.

In particular, I want the spirit to materialize in an unoccupied room. It should then use the concealment power on itself, and then turn it's attention to anyone inside the house as a target (excluding the injured man who I can only assume is the professor) to attack. Hikari didn't specifically instruct the spirit as to who/which room to attack first, so the spirit actually has some room for choice here. That helpful?
Very helpful. I will work on a post and get it up tonight.
Friday 14 June 2075 0513 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

The man you shoot is caught by surprise and cannot avoid your fire. The second man draws his pistol and dives back into the house. There is a scream from inside the house.


What damage do you do with your weapon?
OOC: Steyr TMP has a base of 7P. I'm firing Hi-De rounds, so if I'm at long or extreme range that is reduced by one (thought that isn't the case here.)

Did the first goon go down? Did the second guy leave the door open while running inside, and if so do I have line of sight on him still?
Friday 14 June 2075 0513 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

The man you fired at stumbles a bit then slides to the floor of the back porch, screaming that he has been hit. The second man slammed the door behind him as he fled inside. There is a loud boom from inside the house as well as some yelling.
I rushed forward quietly, then triggered my shock glove on the prone man to make sure he was down.

OOC: Will be at robotics competition this weekend, posting sporadic if any.

Free Action: Movement (Walking, Sneaking (+2 Chameleon Suit, -1 Stun): 9d6t5 3)
Complex Action: Unarmed Attack (+2 Touch, +1 Prone, -1 Stun): 6d6t5 3
Friday 14 June 2075 0513 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

The man on the porch is bleeding from a couple of bullet wounds and seems in shock as you approach him. His eyes look up at you as you touch him and he spasms as he goes unconscious. You here another loud boom from inside the house and identify it as the noise from a large hand gun. There are more screams and then what sounds like furniture falling over.


Good luck at the competition.

Would you have any sort of connection to your spirit that would tell you if it is injured?
OOC: (If the door is locked. Inward opening door assumed. Simple Action: Use Simple Device x2)
I stood to the side, so that I couldn't be shot as I opened the door, and then I entered the code on a keypad on the door. I followed by unlocking the door and pushing it open.

OOC: (If unlocked)
Standing to the side of the door to avoid being shot when I opened it, I reached a hand over the knob, twisting and pushing it open. l then aimed my gun around the corner to get a quick look at the inside with my smartlink.

Sorry I've been gone a while longer than expected. The competition created college backlog.

Let me know if any of those actions take a little longer than assumed.
Initiative: 8+3+2d6 15

How does the goon I dropped see me if I've got an improved invisibility spell and a chameleon suit going? If he managed that then he's got some crazy perception skills going.

Friday 14 June 2075 0514 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

The door is not locked. The link with your gun shows a kitchen, but no one seems to be in it at this moment, at least not where the scope can see. You hear another roar from some kind of large pistol and another scream followed by what sounds like someone running through the house.


He heard you climb the steps to the porch. You only had one hit on your silence spell and he perceived you.

I snuck into the kitchen, moving the silence spell with me.

OOC: That makes sense - the way you wrote it just implied that he was seeing me optically.

Free Action: Movement (Sneaking (+2 Chameleon Suit, -1 Stun): 9d6t5 2)
Complex Action: Move Spell


I was looking at the Hush and Silence spells and it seems that they block sound coming and going. If that is true, I am not sure that you are really hearing anything. Am I correct?
OOC: I would agree with that perception to an extent - my one hit means it' s more like muffled sounds. Perception test to give you a clue.
Perception (-2 Stun + Silence, +1 Biosonar): 7d6t5 3

Given that these are gunshots and screams, I'm guessing they're audible to hear. For some reason this also brought up the idea of why sonic is not an elemental attack type in SR. You'd figure that some clever mage would cook up a combat spell with it!
Friday 14 June 2075 0515 Inside the Professor's House Seattle

The silence spell does not completely rule out noise in either direction, but it does serves to make things sound a bit muffled. The shots and screams are as if you have a bit of cotton in your ears. The kitchen does appear to be empty.
With the kitchen empty, I snuck towards the room I had seen the men in earlier when I scouted through the astral. I thought to the spirit, "What's going on? I'm inside and headed towards the enemy."

Initiative: 8+3+2d6 21

Free Action: Walk (Sneaking (+2 Chameleon Suit, -1 Stun): 9d6t5 3)
Simple: Command Spirit

Don't have a real use for the second simple, I'm afraid, but the longer message might account for it.
By the way, the rule books do indicate that personality of the spirit is somewhat a function of the summoner's expectations. Hikari would think of spirits as distinct individuals, so you can expect her spirits to be interesting and unique in some way.

Friday 14 June 2075 0516 Inside the Professor's House Seattle

As you head into the next room from the kitchen, you find large formal dining room, with a large table in the center that looks like it could easily seat twelve. Two of the chairs nearest the door are knocked askew, as if someone has bumped against them. You do not notice anyone in this room, either.

"I am injured, but still able to fight. One of the men in the crowded room had a very large gun with some nasty bullets that managed to penetrate. After a couple of shots at me, that man grabbed your professor man and ran from the room. I could not attack the one without risking harm to the one you had told me not to harm. The other men in the room are dead or nearly so. The last mewling man in a suit is messing himself and will be dead in a moment."
"Don't worry about him - find the one with the big gun, and use your movement power to slow him down. Take the gun if you can. Which way did he go?" I thought back. I broke into a run towards the crowded room - it sounded like he was making an escape. Some part of me also fretted about where that last guard had gone, but I couldn't worry about it to much.


Free Action: Run
Simple Action: Command Spirit
Friday 14 June 2075 0517 Inside the Professor's House Seattle

"The man with the big gun is the only one that can hurt me, but one more hit from him might disperse me. There are two others guarding his exit."

You hear some pistol shots from the front of the house and another scream, but you do not hear the big pistol go off. The room you enter is a mes. The furniture is scattered all over the room, as is blood from the men dead or dying. There is a groan from the floor from a man wearing a fancy suit. He turns his head as the door opens but does not seem to see you.
"Alright, then speed up my movement so I can get ahead of them. If the other two give me trouble, then keep them off my back. What did they just shoot at?" I continued running towards the front door, where the cars were earlier. (If I had some grenades, I would have planted them before I came in. Definitely on my shopping list as soon as I can visit Melvin.)


Free Action: Run (If my math is right I can run 120 meters per turn once the movement power activates. )
Simple (Command Spirit)

Friday 14 June 2075 0517 Inside the Professor's House Seattle

"You will need to be moving very fast. The man with the big gun and the one you do not want me to hurt just left in a car. The man you do not want me to hurt is driving and the other is watching out the window in case I am chasing them. I killed one of the two guards at the door and the other is running to another of the cars. If I were to make an observation it would be that the man you do not want me to hurt is not resisting these actions. I must have scared him enough to cooperate with the man with the big gun."
Realizing that the water spirit would not be of much help outside it's element, I slowed to a walk briefly as I shifted my focus, and I stretched out threads of my power towards a different metaplane, seeking out one who would come forth from the ground. I felt a connection and pulled.

Upon the astral, a form took shape from the Gaiasphere beneath, and while I could not see it, I could feel it's presence, it's link to myself. I felt my connection to the water spirit fade at the same time.

Speeding up to a run again, I thought to the new spirit of the earth "I need your help in this fight. Can you speed us up to catch up with a car?"

OOC: I wrote out the whole combat turn, with the next init pass being written assuming I don't run into any enemies.
Inititative: 8+3+2d6 19

Free Action: Walk
Complex Action: Summon Earth Spirit
Summoning (-1 Wound) vs F6 Earth Spirit: 10d6t5 2 6d6t5 1
Resist Drain (-1 Wound): 12d6t5 3
1 service, no drain taken

Next Init Pass:
Free Action: Run
Simple Action: Command Spirit (Earth) (As far as I can tell, the binding power appears to be written as something with no evasion test, only an escape test. Someone might want to clarify that and what exactly a vehicle rolls to escape.)
You can assume I dropped the silence spell at some point back there during the conversations with the water spirit when I had a ton of unused simple actions.

You should give these guys names when they pop in. smile.gif Either that or tell me if you're good with me writing fluff for my spirits.
Friday 14 June 2075 0518 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

The familiarity of the water spirit is replaced by the solid presence of the earth, leaving a bit of a bad taste in your mouth. Still, although not your preferred element, the spirit is your temporary servant and ally. You feel something much like a tendril reach up out of the ground at your feet, invisible to the eye but clearly present on the astral plane, and your running speed speed picks up dramatically.


I do not mind at all if you add fluff to the posts, especially in the description and names of your spirits. I like that you want to help with creating the world a bit in that way.

I would need some help in determining if you are going to be able to catch the car as it speeds away. It has a few seconds on you as it was already out of the driveway and moving when you left the house and you had to use a complex action to summon the spirit, giving it another bit of lead. The car is definitely accelerating away from you. Can you catch it?
I watched as a spirit rose from the ground, looking something like an elf statue, with eyes that glowed blue and limbs covered in runes that carried the same color. He seemed to lack a nose or mouth, his ears giving him the elven appearance.

"I am Selphus, a keeper of the Earth. I grant you the power of speed to catch your enemiieess...."
his voice trailed off in my head, and as I ran forward I felt the ground shift beneath me. I realized that I was riding a wave of earth, a slight limp the ground that moved faster than I could have on my own. It became a wave of pavement when I stepped onto that a moment later chasing after the car.

OOC: The lead is even a little bit worse than that, I'm afraid, because as I understand it the spirit needs to materialize to use the power, which takes a total of two more complex actions the spirit's part.

As I haven't read up on the rules of acceleration and vehicle combat, no clue how fast it's actually going, especially without the stats, but my speed is fairly easy to calculate. You get agility times four meters per combat turn (I goofed a little earlier thinking movement was per action phase - problem with being new to this game). The movement power grants the spirits magic (force) as a multiplier to that. Hikari has an agility of 5, spirit force of 6. As such, 5 * 4 * 6 = 120 meters per combat turn. A combat turn last 3 seconds, so that's 40 meters per second, or 89.4775 miles per hour. That's pretty decent speed for getting caught up to this car if he doesn' t push the speed to it's absolute limit - even then, so long as I'm close enough to shoot, that will be good. Keep me appraised as to the rough distance to the car, so that I know when it's time to shoot and how big the distance penalty is.

If someone knows what penalties apply for trying to shoot someone inside a car, now would be the time to tell us so that I'm able to roll accurately when we get to that point.

Initiative: 8+3+2d6 15

Free Action: Run
Friday 14 June 2075 0518 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

The car has a good lead on you and the man behind the wheel is driving like the demons of hell were after him, which he can probably be forgiven for. As you climb on the moving mound of pavement beneath your feet and set off after the car, you realize that the lead is greater than you had hoped it would be. You speed is likely to be greater than the car can do on the road and you would easily catch up to it if this was a straight track sort of race, but it is not. Magic notwithstanding, your body has to obey some of the laws of physics and traveling at great speed is fine..............until you have to turn a corner. Still, as you round the first one, you see the taillights of the professor's car in the near distance. You are less than two blocks behind it and speeding up when it turns to the left at an intersection.
I continued my race after the car, quickly bending around the corner, the world a blur around me as I moved at incredible speed. I switched my Steyr to full auto mode - with a pistol like the one he was carrying, I wasn't taking chances.

As I rounded the corner I squinted and tried to make out which seat held the professor to no avail. That didn't matter much, though, as I caught up to the car, it was pretty clear which seat he was in.

I lined up a shot so that it would hit my target without hitting the professor, then pulled the trigger and let loose.

OOC: Apologies for recent absence, college finals and lack of energy had me away for awhile.

Based on the average city block length in Seattle (which works out to 110 meters), I can cover just over a block in a single combat turn. The post assumes that the car is moving at maximum speed of 40m per combat turn (based on the movement speed table on Core Pg 202). I note that I don't understand vehicle movement all that well - this may be an oversimplification.

In the time I take to reach the turn and go around 20m past it (because I exceed average block length by 10m each turn), the car moves about 80m, resulting a sixty meter lead on me. This is still just out of range, and not really ideal range. An additional combat turn will put the car at 100 meters, just short of another intersection, with me able to catch up and fire at extremely close distance, avoiding any range penalty.

Turn 1: (Init roll skipped because I'm not in the right position to do anything - just assuming that I got one pass at least.)

Free Action: Run
Simple (Switch Steyr TMP to Full Auto.)

Turn 2 (Reach the Intersection, Initiative: 8+3+2d6 21 )

Free Action: Run
Simple Action: Observe in Detail (-1 Stun, -2 Running): 5d6t5 1

Turn 3 (Distance Closed, Init: 8+3+2d6 18 )

Free Action: Run
Complex Action: Full Auto Attack (-1 Stun, -2 Running): 8d6t5 3

Friday 14 June 2075 0519 Outside the Professor's House Seattle

You burst spangs against the side of the car, leaving little divots in the passenger door panel but leaving the gunman untouched. The gunman's pistol looks very large from this range as he points it directly at you and fires a semi-auto burst your way.


Gunman Defense is Stats 11 + inside car 3 + good cover 4 - inside a car 2 - autofire 5 = 11d6. Defense: 11d6t5 4 Successfully defended

Gunman shooting is stats 6 + skill 6 - inside car 2 = 10d6. fire: 10d6t5 3 3 Hits. DV 8 + net hits AP -1 -2 defense for semi auto burst

You need to defend against three hits at a -2 to your defense for his shooting but a + 2 for running in consecutive turns.

I think I have this right.
I saw the gunman's pistol, and instinctively ducked a little when he aimed it in my general direction. The shots went pretty wide but they were still uncomfortably close. Getting a bullet into that car was going to be a trick - time to try a couple of the other ones I have up my sleeve. I reached down an arm, grabbing one of my large regent vials, as I whistled a sea bird call. I lashed out, the cork popping off, salt water vaporizing as it sprayed into the air. I let the mana fly like a stone from a sling as it coalesced into a stunbolt, passing straight through the glass and aiming for my target like a homing missile. Only fortitude of will would protect him from the raw power of the attack.

OOC: Blind fire is actually minus six (CRB pg. 176) - assuming that hits are removed from the end of the roll, that's -2 hits, which means that I only need 2 hits on the defense test to avoid. (Come to think of it, should have cast Combat Sense while I was running - would have made for a nice boost here. Oh well, that's why I want to learn Quickening soon enough.)

Defense Test (-1 Wound): 7d6t5 3

Spent Regents (Total): 22 (This Post: 6)

Complex Action: Cast Spell

Spellcasting (Stunbolt, F1, Regents 6) (-1 Wound, -2 Running): 9d6t5 2 Correct me if I'm wrong and running doesn't apply penalties to spell-casting and/or drain resist (I'd be happy to hear it.)
Resist Drain (2) (-1 Wound, -2 Running): 10d6t5 4
No drain taken.
Friday 14 June 2075 0521 On the Street Seattle

The stunbolt causes the target to flinch and his hand opens, dropping the gun to the pavement as the car continues traveling. The man curses and ducks inside the vehicle.


Defense: 4d6t5 0 Bad time to glitch.
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