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Full Version: [SR4] - Analyze device
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Hi Fellas. I am once again toying with the spell „analyze object“ as some sort of skillwire-system for the magically active members of the group. Basically the spell should work as expected. You beat the object-resistance and all the additional successes can be used to “use” the item. The only problem is the definition of the word “use”. What e.g. is the “use” of a gun, a bo-staff, a katana, etc.? Can you assume, that the use of a gun is to shoot? I already had discussions that the spell is meant rather to be useful at build/repair-tasks. So you can e.g. modify the gun, unbuild, etc, but not shoot.
I've always used it to help in use with tech devices or driving tests. When taken as RAW, certainly an interpretation is it could be used to help a user shoot a gun. I've just never had a player use it that way, but rather use it for skills they lack. No magician in any game I've ever played or GMed lacked at least one gun skill so it just never came up. It could even be used that way if a character has the skill and act as a bonus to the skill. Still, never had a player try to use it that way for combat skills. Probably because most magicians are still waaaay better with spells than they are with a gun, even when enhanced by this spell.
Operating a gun surely means shooting with it.

I have abused this spell in 4e on my rigger adept. It's more or less skill wires for the magically active.
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