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Full Version: Non-human Vampire Attributes (5e)
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So I was looking through Run Faster, and I noticed that while non-human vampires are allowed with GM approval, but the book doesn't list attributes for them. Are all vampires, regardless of metatype, expected to use the normal vampire attributes, or is there something I'm missing?
They probably omitted the stats because it is an optional rule, and it was already a big table. Just apply metatype bonuses and penalties to the base stats (like they did for the entries for ghouls).
Thanks. Thought it might be that, but it seemed strange to list attributes for different types of ghouls and not for vampires.
Outside of the optional rule, there's no such thing as a non-human vampire in Shadowrun. Vampirism, in Shadowrun, is the product of HMHVV Strain I. The virus has different impacts on the various metatypes:

Human ➜ Vampire
Elf ➜ Banshee
Dwarf ➜ Goblin
Ork ➜ Wendigo
Troll ➜ Dzoo-noo-qua

That's why the attribute table on p. 135 of Run Faster doesn't break out the various metatypes for the non-ghoul Infected like it does for ghouls. Ghouls are the product of HMHVV Strain III, which affects metatypes more consistently than HMHVV Strains I, Ia, and II.
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