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Full Version: Group Bond Ritual Question
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I am just looking to check my reading of this, before I go and make an Errata point about it.

Page 130, of the 5e Street Grimoire says: "After the initial creation of the group bond, the group strictures prevent the ritual from completing for new members under any circumstances."

Does this really mean that you can not add new members, ever? I always thought you could. I mean without having to break the bond and reform it (costing all members another 5 karma each time).

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It is poorly worded, but I think the restriction on new members refers to the previous sentence in your quote, "Once bonded to a group, the magician cannot bond to another group if any of the strictures conflict with the new group." In other words, you can't join a new group if doing so would break any of the strictures of your current group.
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