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Full Version: Does this Technomancer make sense ?
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Hi folks! I'm trying my hand at a Technomance playbook for The Sprawl game, and could use some help. As I'm not so experienced in TM I thought you could gimme some help. Basically, it's just access this character sheet and see if it's make sense thematically to TMs. Of course, being a different ruleset, some "poetic license" had to be made.

Any tips or impressions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.
No tips or impressions, but noticed two changes that need to be made in the Moves section:

Call Upon the Other Side should be Call Upon the Resonance
"Chose 1 more shaman move" should be "Chose 1 more technomancer move".

Edit: I do like "What if this IC wants to be free?". That's a cool way to try to deal with IC.
Thanks Bonehead. I've corrected it and made a new version:

The Technomancer

I clarified some moves and added others. I'm pretty proud of this myself (hahaha) but I think it has too many moves. I'm thinking of cutting 2 or 3.

Again, suggestions apreciated!
Latest version:

The Technomancer

Cutted out a couple moves. Its pretty clean now. I think I'm really near a final version here. Hopefully will playtest it soon.

Any feedback is welcome.
I like it. Hope it playtests well.
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