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Full Version: [SR4] Heightened Concentration on Healing Spells?
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Hi Fellas,

my english is good, but sometimes i donīt get the little nuances. I was wondering what the sentence "task at hand", which belongs to the description of the above mentioned adept power, exactly means. The translation programs only give me a meaning similar to "what has to be done", but i donīt understand, if it is only related to physical tasks or to any task in general.

Background of this tricky question: if you use positive healing spells (like: heal) you get a negative dice pool for targets with reduced essence. Can these DP-modifiers be ignored with this power?

Thank you.
Adepts can cancel negative modifiers to physical or combat tests with centering. There is no such limitation given with heightened concentration, so the effect is also applicable to essence modifiers, by RAW. It's a bit silly, but OTOH, the power costs a full power point. YMMV.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Heightened Concentration would, by RAW, apply to ANY action you take that you choose to apply the Adept Power to.
Your Magic would help to compensate for the penalty normally incurred, to the limits of the Adept Power.
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