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Full Version: Looking for some logo's
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I am looking for a few logos. I need one for Aqua Arcana, DIMR and Cross Biomedical. I have checked everywhere but my Search-fu has failed me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Trevor L.
Not exactly helpful, but I looked for a DIMR logo a while back and also came up blank
I don't think the DIMR use a logo beyond their initials.

Despite having considerable assets, they are not a corp in the usual sense so they don't need to market themselves.

I have never seen any design work for Aqua Arcana in the books/pics, but given of the three founders one was a porpoise shaman and another an orca shaman, you could probably design something around both or either.
For Cross Biomedical, maybe replace CATco's gun sight cross hairs with a medical cross. Otherwise I don't think logos have been done for any of these corporations or organizations.
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