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Full Version: Shadowrun Returns Community Created Content
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Hoi! Chummers,

I am looking for any sort of nexus for community created content made with the game editor for Shadowrun Returns. Thank you in advance, my search Fu is failing me this morning.

Are you looking to download or to contribute?

What platform are you using? Steam, GOG, iOS, Android, etc.?

Steam has a robust community. There's a very small one at Nexus Mods. Some people also post their content to Box, Dropbox, or their personal websites. I don't know of anyway to get community-created content for mobile platforms.

Here's a decent index, although it doesn't include everything available on Steam (which would be hard to list out anyway):
I have one I just need to tidy up a bit for beta release, but I don't know when I'll have time to do that.
Most of what's current is in the Steam Workshop these days, IIRC.
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