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Full Version: Shadowrun Anarchy - Pre-made character errors
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Are the pre-made characters in the Anarchy core rulebook and in the Chicago Chaos books accurate or are there any errors in them? How can I find a list of error if there are some, please?
Anyone know?
have you checked the official shadowrun forums? i know they have a stickied post for fan-submitted (and actually reviewed and rewritten to properly follow the rules) archetypes for regular shadowrun, i don't know if they have the same for anarchy.
I've found very few mechanical errors in the prebuilt characters (Most errors are only 1 or 2 points off). If you're looking for ones that are for-sure good, the first five listed in the "Street People" chapter are built a bit like a "core" running group. Most of the contract briefs reference the prebuilt characters- renaming and adjusting them as needed. They all are built using the Street Runner Game Level as well.

Alyosha - Spent 15 attribute points, should have 16.
Chrome Bison - Smartlink is mislabeled as 3- should be 2. Skill wires 1 is mislabeled as 3- should be 2.
Kix - Spent 14 attribute, should have 16.
Knox - Has 13 skill points, should have 12.
Reese Frenzy - Has 9 skill points, should have 13, or 12 and armor 9.
Ruckus - Spent 15 attribute, should have 16.
Thunder - Spent 17 attribute, should have 16.
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