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Full Version: Good and Bad edition changes
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Rotbart van Dainig
And you can 'clarify' your point all day long:

If you want to present house rules - please, do so. Patches welcome.

Just not in this thread.
Tidy SR3rd, keep SOME of the lore from 4th onwards (Ok, not that stuff. You know what it is. We don't mention it by name.) and bring back the grit.

The detailed, engaging splatbooks.
The illustrations. No wash of grey with occasional highlights (Ok, the core rulebook was awash in these, I admit), bring back the gorgeous black/while linework.
Street Talk. Have runners kevetching about the guns your players NEED to use.
The Weirdness - Threats and Dunky's will had so much play in there it was obscene (Well, until they gave the monsters in the dark stats) but even in fun Downtown Seattle there were bars that were fronts, murder most foul and underwater Casinos to knock over. Or as my players did, a Golden Boar to find a mate for. Did no one play out in the fields and Agrifarms?
Mages were overpowered, but did you enforce the joys of being a 1/100 chance of magical mojo?
Sammys were constant, Deckers were god until they hit the wall and decided to play with an angry Deus. The okatau were....well, yeah, there's somewhere to tidy. Riggers - god, they also got a sharp and blackened end.
Mad-Max on the Overpasses!
Australia! Ok, yeah, leave that place alone.
The HUGE, OVERREACHING plots from 2 editions back, or more if you count the Earthdawn system.
Re-enacting every cheesy 80's bullet-hell movie.
Spirits - god, they were so given the short-end...

And the Readability.
A lot of the later editions were really poor to read. I don't know if it was me, but I had trouble finding information in among the grey wash of bleh. The German Sourcebook was clear, weird and fun, as was the British one (I know it was 2nd, but it was easy to convert. And the Players liked having some lunch at Traitor Dicks.)


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