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Full Version: Records on File (4ed)
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...quick ?, Is MET2000 legit as Records on file, i have seen Ucas Military as it. RAW only Megacorps are legit..???

..any options/ clarifications needed..
QUOTE (Stingray)
Is MET2000 legit as Records on file,

That largely depends on how strict (or rather limited) your GM wants to interpret the underlined word here:

One or more megacorps (chosen when the quality is taken) possesses a relatively up-to-date record of the character’s SIN, biometrics, personal, and possibly medical data.

QUOTE (Stingray)
i have seen Ucas Military as it.

If that was part of an official character in one of the sourcebooks you'd certainly have precedence. However, that kind of precedence might actually not be required ...

QUOTE (Stingray) RAW only Megacorps are legit..???

I quoted the relevant sentence above ... so here's the kicker:
By choosing MET2000 as the entity that has "records on file" concerning your character you have automatically chosen quite a number of megacorps and similar conglomerates by implication:
  • Ares
  • Ruhrmetall
  • IFMU or Frankfurter Bankenverein (depending on when exactly your game is taking place: pre 2064 or post 2064)

And while RAW only mentions "megacorps" the involved entities on state level like the Allied German States and the Japanese Imperial State IMHO qualify as suitable replacements for "megacorps" when it comes to entities that could have "records on file" that might interfere with your runner life in accordance to what this negative quality (I still prefer the term "flaw" there) is supposed to do.
hmmm.. Citizen of PCC joining Megacrp Backed Merc company gives option 2x Records on File..
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