"A Matter of Reputation" was the very first Virtual Seattle run, written by Ronald Heintz and Margaret van Poelgeest-Heintz in 1993. A run in "Artifacts Unbound" was published in 4E under the same title, but it was a different run and different authors.

I've already combed through a few archives of Virtual Seattle runs: A lot of them were preserved via fan dropboxes, but I haven't found this one.

It doesn't look like the Heintz's ever worked directly with FASA, only on Virtual Seattle. I have it on good authority that the Virtual Seattle docs were lost sometime during the transition of FASA-> WizKids -> FanPro, so I doubt anyone at CGL has them. The authors did have a mailing address on one of the runs, so I sent a letter, but it's a long shot that they're still at the same place 25 years later. (Not to mention the unreliability of sending a letter from USA to Canada during COVID-times).

If anyone has a copy of this run, or knows how to contact someone who does, please let me know.