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As usual a place for our discussions.

Here’s what you currently know about your neighborhood:

Here’s our shared lifestyle: https://stormy-waters-2075.obsidianportal.c...gative-services

Game calendar so far, all dates 2078:

Chapter 1: Sunday, September 18

Chapter 2: Monday, September 26

First Interlude: Saturday, October 1

Chapter 3: Monday, October 10

Second Interlude: Sunday, October 16

Chapter 4: Sunday, November 6

Third Interlude: Wednesday, November 23

Chapter 5: Thursday, November 24

Fourth Interlude: Sunday, November 27

Chapter 6: Thursday Dezember 22



Jack_spade: below

Tecumseh: https://stormy-waters-2075.obsidianportal.c...characters/mato

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Bobby „MadCat“ Walker (Amerindian)
[ Spoiler ]

Details on Characters at Pike Hall
[ Spoiler ]

[spoiler=Pike Manor]
There are 4 Levels and 2 sublevels

The 2nd sublevel is mainly utilities and the underground garage.

1st sublevel contains the servers, the spa area, the workshops and the laundry as well as the wine cellar.

Ground floor has at its center the great entrance hall. West wing is the ball room with the adjoining library and smoking room and the arcade, followed by the extension which houses the arboretum for the exotics.

East wing houses the living rooms, the stade dining room, the private dining room, the refectory (which is also a dining room but much more private than the private dining room), as well as the mud rooms with the extension that leads to the stables.

The center back houses the kitchens, the supply rooms and the access to the wine cellar. The old backery and the repair shop.

Each wing has its own staircase and lift from 1st sublevel to 3rd level

2nd floor is open at the center to the great hall with surrounding balconies, open up to the glas cupola.

East wing houses the guest quarters – each suite with all amenities. There is also the guest library.

West wing houses the family quarters and the private library, the Lord office and the adjoining study and drawing rooms.

The center above the kitchens has the armory and the Master of the Hunt’s offices. There is also the medical station and the cinema/theater.

3rd floor has roof access for the west and the east wing with dining over the west wing and the aviary over the east. Center houses the Courier offices as well as my administrative office and the quarters of the high ranking servants.

4th floor houses the servants quarters with the roof access to the observatory.

The elevators in the east and west wing are for guests and family only – the center shaft to the kitchens are shared, but you should use them only if you are moving meals or equipment.

Separate from the main building is the pool house with the gardening garage behind it. The pool house has two levels, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a small entertainment lounge. It’s currently not in use.

Next to the golf course are the barracks for the night patrols.

Don’t let it overwhelm you, as long as the wire maids maintain the AROs you can’t get lost around here.”
I'm here. I'll get an IC post up.
Likewise I'm here. Looks like the last thing for Jawsey in IC was a request to summon a spirit. He'll play it safe with a force 3 spirit of man, with optional power psychokinesis. I'd started rolling before discovering that I couldn't post on rpgplayroom, so digging up that first roll:

summon a Hunter Brother: 9d6t5 2
spirit resist: 3d6t5 1
drain resist vs 2: 13d6t5 3
1 service, no drain
Aided summons
aided summons: 14d6t5 5
spirit resist (F3+1): 4d6t5 1
drain resist: 13d6t5 4

4 services, no drain, optional power is again psychokinesis
I'm going to piggyback on my previous Perception test and presume that Mato finds the golf ball. I believe he had 8 hits on visual perception, which seems sufficient to find a needle in a haystack, or a contact lens in a pond.
If you're taking requests, I'd like to see how Jawsey's Creature of Comfort quality plays out in these surroundings.
I'll second that. This story is in part designed to give Jawsey a bit of a boost and show off in his element wink.gif
And here I am, not giving this run the attention it properly deserves (mix of head full of other things and days being busy). Sorry, I"ll try to get more heavily engaged.

I have actually been trying to touch on the creature of comfort side of things (his love of the the astral projection chair, his focus on not missing meals). I see his creature of comfort as being part being accustomed to decent conditions, but at a more fundamental level to do with low level physical discomfort from his old injuries. Solid sleep, comfortable temperatures, warm showers, decent food, all serve to reduce the discomfort and make what discomfort remains more bearable. So he loves the luxury here, but he only _needs_ so much comfort, the rest he just appreciates.
You posted AM's action in the Uncaring Stars thread
Yes, I just fixed that. I was trying to do so on my phone.
OOC question here (which might be the same as Mato's IC question):

Brad mentions training gear but I haven't got a clue what it might include. A gi uniform? Weapons? Mato wouldn't have any of the above, but he at least might know what Brad is talking about.
Basically a jumpsuit with 9 Armor, a padded helmet brings this up to 11
FYI the rpgplayroom is back up again - do you want to continue here, or transplant our session back over?
I prefer having both my games at one site, but I am okay with either.
RPG Playroom had two outages in September. The first one was short but the second one was not. At this point I'm not entirely confident in the stability of RPG Playroom, so to avoid another disruption I'd probably vote to continue on Dumpshock. We could revisit the issue at the end of the chapter.

I'm looking at the rules for Feint but it's not entirely clear what I'm supposed to be rolling. I'm going to roll a straight defense test, as that seems somewhat implied.

I'll spend a point of Edge on Blitz to roll five initiative dice: Initiative: 5d6+14 25

Ahh, I whiffed! Four 2s and a 3. Mato has 4 points of Edge remaining.

Mato will go on Full Defense, dropping his Initiative from 25 to 15.

Here's his Defense test vs. Feint, including his Agile Defender quality: Reaction 8 + Intuition 6 + Full Defense 10: 24d6t5 8 hits

He doesn't have any fancy martial arts maneuvers (yet) so I'm not sure I can do much other than make a basic attack.

Attack at Initiative 15: Agility 10 + Melee Weapons 5: 15d6t5 11 hits eek.gif cyber.gif

Umm... what's the Accuracy of the batons?!
The extendable baton has ACC of 5 - she has Two Weapon Style Attack and Critical Strike and custom gripps, so hers is 8
Defense: 16d6t5 6
Reach of both weapons cancel each other out.

Phase 2 (ini 21)
She counters with a charge, using centering to get rid of the -2
Attack: 22d6t5 6

Tangent first, then a rules question, the some rolls.

I rolled eight 6s on that attack test. I was wondering what would happen if this were a different scenario (i.e. one where I was trying to hurt her) and, knowing that the Accuracy of the extendable batons is low, I pre-rolled Edge to Push the Limit. So, for fun I wanted to roll that out, along with the exploding 6s:

Edge + Exploding 6s for funsies: 13d6h5 9 hits, AHHHH!

One of those dice exploded into 4 hits! That would have been a 20-hit attack on 20 dice! Strength + 2 + 20 hits = 34P!! Oh man... that could have lead the chapter down a MUCH different path... dead.gif

Rules Question
Charging requires running, which is a Free Action. So does Centering. For now I'll presume that she has two Free Actions, via Perfect Time or something else. (Is there something other than Perfect Time? I can't think of another way off the top of my head.)

The question that is for future reference is about charging while already engaged in melee combat. I attacked her, so presumably she's within reach, which means that she wouldn't have to run (and thus could not charge) to attack me.

I'm fine with whichever way it gets ruled, but if we go this way it seems like the logical consequence is "always charge in melee combat" and thus everyone gets a +2 for their melee attack (or +4 if you're an adept sidestepping the running penalty). That turns into an auto-buff for melee attackers. I just want to confirm that's the understanding and the intention.

Defending against 6 hits: Reaction 8 + Intuition 6 + Full Defense 10: 24d6t5 6 hits

Cutting it a little close there, but dodged.

Attacking at Initiative 5 (without auto-charging): Agility 10 + Melee Weapons 5: 15d6t5 4 hits
Sorry for no posts yet this week. In half day training, but still with work that has to get out. It has been eating my time and mental energy. I'll try to put up a quick IC tonight, but activity will probably stay low through Thursday.
You are right, I forgot to give you a chance to make an interruption attack when she pulled back from you to charge you.

You can decrease your Ini by 5 to do so

And yes, she does have Perfect Time as well as three other qualities - it goes without saying that she is a prime runner character (Actually, she is based on the character of a friend of mine ;D )
In this case I don't have the Initiative to truly benefit from an Interrupt/Intercept action. If I had one more point of Initiative then I could squeeze in both the Interrupt and my regular attack, but in this case I only have enough Initiative to do one or the other.

I suppose there's a small chance that I could succeed at the intercept, which means that she couldn't get away and thus couldn't charge, but it would alter my initiative to the point where she would get multiple attacks on me - each one at an accumulating -1 modifier - before I could respond, so in the end it seems like a push.

Let's just go with the rolls that we currently have and see where things take us.
Alright then,

She defends Defense: 16d6t5 3
Gracious balls of fire, you manage to land a hit.
If I see that right, you do a whooping 13P DV

She does have her Mystic Armor Focus active, but that's still is physical damage
Soak: 12d6t5 3

Jupp. She's still conscious - barely.

Oh my. Should have used padded batons.

Does she have a fat stack of Edge dice she can use? rotate.gif
She has, but I'm not inclined to use it - much more interesting that way grinbig.gif
Per the IC post, Mato is looking for a medkit. Don't know if there is one immediately available. I presume there would be, but don't want to assume too much.

Also reaching out to the others ICly. Not sure where they are in their days around 1600.

Forgot to mention it earlier, and might be a bit late to shoehorn in now, but Mato would be interested in visiting Sabine in the kennels at some point. I thought we might do it during rounds but then it slipped my mind to bring it up.
What's the mechanism behind the "aid Mato" roll?

Mato's Essence burden's Health spells with a -5 modifier. Luckily that only costs one hit off AM's Spellcasting roll, so there are still hits to spare. Mato maxes out at +4 logic, so is 3 (7) for the moment.

I'll roll First Aid with pre-Edge: Logic 3 (7) + First Aid 1 + Medkit 6 + Edge 5: 19d6h5 10 hits... hold that thought, I forgot to subtract -4 for Awakened and conditions, doing so leaves 8 hits

Still pretty good. One extra die from Trouble won't affect that result. Pushing the Limit takes care of any Mental Limit restrictions.

Mato has 3 of 5 Edge remaining.
Helping him with teamwork defaulting first aid she has 9 logic right now, so 8 dice to figure out first aid.
Nice roll, how much damage is left?
8 hits translates to 6 damage healed.

The rest, McElroy takes care off with a Heal spell.

Nicely done!
Regarding your last IC post - "Why would Mato hurt a guest? Perhaps he had a reason." - Mato had put the sparring session on AM's radar before it happened, then mentioned it again when he called for help. So I think she wouldn't be surprised, especially if she had time to grab a copy of the camera footage (presuming the existence of a camera, and presuming her access to it).
Ah... sorry about that wink.gif I'll edit a bit.
Animal handling: Charisma 4 - Defaulting 1 + Advice and Doggy Treat 2: 5d6t5 0 hits

Dangerously close to a critical glitch, but managed to avoid it. Guess I'll add Animal Handling to my To Do list.

I'll roll Composure for good measure, as that might indicate how much of a 'prey reaction' Mato is demonstrating: Charisma 4 + Willpower 6: 10d6t5 3 hits

I'll post something open-ended to let Jack fill in the consequences.
Rolling again without the bonus, per Jack's instructions:

Charisma 4 - Defaulting 1: 3d6t5 3 hits

Looks like Mato finally has the

( •_•)>⌐■-■


I'll get a post up in a couple hours.
Rolling Mato's British Trid Miniseries knowledge skill to see if he has any knowledge of Harabia:

Intuition 6 + British Trid Miniseries 1: 7d6t5 2 hits

I'm going to write it that he's familiar with some of Harabia's work from their time in the Royal Shakespeare Company early in their career.

OOC comment: The write-up of Harabia included both she/they pronouns. I'm going to go with they/them until told otherwise.

OOC/IC question: Does Harabia have a 'fixed' appearance when not acting? In other words, is there any risk of not recognizing them? I presume a certain 'process of elimination' is possible. I can ask this ICly if it makes sense to have an exchange about it there.
Not exactly a fixed appearance but a unique style of clothing (very androgynos) - and although they change gender, etnicity and apparent class, Harabia is still recognizable as theirself.
Got it, thank you.

Who is addressing everyone in the kitchen? It says 'old man' so is that Head Butler Ralph Thornton?

I don't think Mato has any questions for Thorton. He might check with Brad or Hamington to see if there are any specific instructions for the Chasseurs, but otherwise he'll do as he's told.

The Chasseur Gala Uniform doesn't include a holster, so does that mean that the Chasseurs are unarmed?
Yes, the head butler addresses you.

The gala uniform should have included a holster - you are expected to carry your gun.
I'll add it!
Sorry for being a bit slow, these were crazy days.
Agility + Edge: 7d6t5 2
perception: 10d6t5 4 (no bonus for audio or visual).
Agility 10 + Edge 5: 15d6t5 4 hits

Base Perception: Intuition 6 + Perception 5: 11d6t5 4 hits
+ Vision Boosts: Specialization 2 + Vision Enhancement 3: 5d6t5 1 hit
+ Audio Boosts: Specialization 2 + Audio Enhancement 2: 4d6t5 1 hit

So 5 hits, either way, for Audio and Visual Perception.
Alright, I'll wait for Jawsey's roll before continuing
Sorry, had a crunch of various family things over the past several days. Hopefully clearing up and I'll be less tardy.

visual perception: 7d6t5 2
auditory perception: 9d6t5 6
Agiligy+Edge: 8d6t5 1

I was wondering about knocking a die or two off that last one for Jawsey's infirm quality (seemed appropriate), but it wouldn't change the roll anyway ... and the dice apparently decided to incorporate that thought anyway.

Adding in an asensing roll. A general scan for anything that seems out of place (a servant showing rage or auras that don't look right to the bodies) Details would likely need an additional focused roll.
Aura Reading (general scan): 13d6t5 5
Does Mato know what "purple rounds" are? (Presuming Jawsey passes that along.) Are those explosive rounds, or is that something that hasn't been introduced yet?
Summoning Red Jacket Boy to keep watch for other astrally active forms.
summon spirit F2+1=3: 9d6t5 0
spirit resist: 3d6t5 2
drain resist vs 4: 13d6t5 3

Wow, what a set of rolls ... no services, and one stun. Try again

summon F2+1=3: 9d6t5 4
spirit resist: 3d6t5 1
drain resist: 13d6t5 4

That is better, 3 services, no further drain.
Purple Rounds are another code for Blight rounds - capsule rounds with DMSO that can make awakened creatures lose their connection to the manasphere.
Sounds good. Did those get mentioned ICly outside of this most recent post? Looking back to the old site, this is the only thing I could find on ammo:

"Loaded with gel, but you get two additional magazines with Ex-ammo"

(Separately, I'm unsure if this is Explosive or EX-Explosive ammo. As long as the GM knows, I suppose it doesn't really matter.)

Just trying to figure out if this is something Mato already has or if he needs to acquire it between now and when dinner is served.
I thought I had mentioned that they have ammo against spirits. In any case, yes Mato was briefed.
Agility 10 + Edge 5 + Practice 2: 17d6t5 3 hits

WELL the first 12 dice were all misses (less than 1% chance of that), and what few hits there were all came in the last 5. Guess I'm glad my dice pool isn't a mere dozen.

Rolling Composure too for additional input: Charisma 4 + Willpower 6: 10d6t5 8 hits

EVIDENTLY I'M COMPOSED. Odds of that roll: 0.34%.
Agility + Edge+2: 9d6t5 3
agi+E+2: 10d6t5 2

Well, the practice helped ... a bit (2 successes vs 1 earlier)
Intuition 6 + Willpower 6: 12d6t5 4 hits

Straight Perception, no modifiers:
Intuition 6 + Perception 5: 11d6t5 4 hits
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