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First off, I feel like a gigantic asshole for not spending any time here and then crashing in with a page update. Compared with other communities, Dumpshock still rises to the top when it comes to troll suppression and maintenance.

In any case, Blackjack's Shadowrun Page is running again...again, with weekly updates on Tuesdays. In an effort to add more PC appeal to an overly GM site, I've started Downtime, a newsletter of sorts the PCs can use to kinda toss a curve ball in the GM's direction, whether they're participating the Larry's Legito Land: Block Bash Night or kicking back to watch an episode of Ninja Gardner.

And, for those who remember and from whom I have received a degree of urging that haunts my dreams to this day, MORE BRUMBY IS ON THE WAY!

Follow the page at @BlackjackSRx for updates and whatnot.

Also, in an effort to generate content that will appeal to those who have lost all ability to read, I hope to have some YouTube stuff up by mid 2027.

Yay! Gonna take a look right away. Hits me right in the nostalgia!

More Brumby is always good
I'm still processing what I'm seeing, but this looks like an awesome resource. Thanks!
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