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Full Version: It's the future!
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Today is the far-off future date when magic has returned strongly enough that people started goblinizing. 14 more years before child soldiers form their own nation up in Oregon.
Arax Dvorak
On April 30, 2021, a totally inexplicable phenomenon began. All over the world, one out of every ten men and women suddenly metamorphosed into hideous humanoid shapes. For some, the process was short and mild. Other spent days or weeks in the hospital. Some recovered, while others died screaming in agony. In those horrible weeks, two new races of men were emerging like strange spring flowers under the Awakened sun. ... The US government declared martial law for several months in a futile attempt at control, while reports trickling out of the Soviet Union told of deaths on a mass scale...

Prime Mover
Either Iíve got a cavity or Iím about to have tusks. Please let it just be tusks.
So that's where the headache came from. And I blamed the beer biggrin.gif
Oh no. My doctor told me it was shingles. Now I fear I am turning into an ork or troll! I better grow over 6 foot tall.
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