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Just curious what most GMs use as the opposition for runners on the typical run.
Sorry for leaving out a bunch of choices - poll only lets me list 10.
Zeel De Mort
Megacorps, although sometimes we don't know it at the time. smile.gif
you forgot to put in Mr. Johnson
All of the above
You also forgot dragons
I thought it was always an IE conspiracy...
Austere Emancipator
Lessee... In the last 68 scenarios, about:
34% Megacorps
24% Organized Crime
15% Government/Military
15% Gangs
6% Policlubs
3% Vampires
3% Other Runners
Null vote.
Actually most of my bad guys fall into more into the Underworld type, mainly the syndicates. Lately my pcs have been involved with different Mafia famillies all over NA. Everywhere they go they seem to get tangled up with them. Usually ends up with the pcs having to skip town.

...What. Stop looking at me that way!
Omega Skip
Some things that are missing from the list...

- The Corrupted (Which I prefer)
- Immortal Elves
- The Horrors

And of course, there's always the non-canonical favorites:

- Great Old Ones
- Aliens
- Mimes
Corps corps corps corps corps. nyahnyah.gif

...Because they're secretly backing or backed by all the other choices. nyahnyah.gif
We've had spirits, vampires, gangs, corps, underworld... But the most frequent opponents seem to be other runners or teams.

Primarily a group of mercs (human (mage), two orks, and a troll) called the Devilkin. One of them actually manages to make an obvious cyberskull look cool.
Done them all except Deus, but Corps are the more populous players.
Mimes. Ha! rotfl.gif
More like "-!"
Mr. Man
I'm not a GM so I won't vote, but I will say that you missed the boat by not putting organized crime on there. They make extremely tough enemies because they've got money like a small corp but the tactics of a vicious gang and tenacity from hell to breakfast. So while a megacorp will write off all manner of runner attacks as literally not worth their time to prosecute, organized crime operates in the same social strata as most runners and will work to exact revenge at any price simply to save face.

Very easy to get hung out to dry, even easier to get disappeared.
Corps are up there but I've also like pulling out the bug spirits. They make good "evil" enemies, plus they also have the ability to start being rhetorical. Remember, it's not selling out, it's buying in.

I like to tie up the corps with various other players like organised crime, insects, toxics, bloods. It is difficult to pin down who is the "villian" in my games.
Deus, but that's only my most recent campaign. It started with Renraku Arcology Shutdown, two of the PC's became banded (one brainwashed, one voluntary otaku to save him), escaped, ran for a while doing all sorts of stuff, came back to Brainscan (which made them unwitting pawns of Deus on a whole new level), they joined the G.O.D., did some law-enforcement stuff for a while, and are now going through Survival of the Fittest while trying not to get fired. (pun very much intended)
They're a good group.
My next campaign will be all about organized crime.
Quite frankly usually my players are the bad guys. They maim, kill, and destroy for profit. Also they have an autonamy of action that is more often found in the hands of the villain, ie they set up most of their own actions from the ground up. Now generally, I try to get them to represent a cause or point of honor/morality but the manner in which they represent their cause ultimately defines how other people perceive them. It's fun to hammer this point on them in the slower scenes.
I'm currently using a mix of government/military and megacorps in my game. I just like the government side better. There's just nothing like the threat of military action against Seattle runners with Fort Lewis so close by. devil.gif
Shedim are a perfect quick enemy. Critters and spirits are various kinds can also spice up things, but other runners make things very interesting.
A Rodent of Unusual Size
I tend to use the media and underworld when GMing far more than anything on the list, but of those on the list I use the government and gangs the most. So I put my vote for government, just because they're the big underdogs in the default setting.
Ah the pain and suffering i inflict on my group.

As some may know we start are games always in this dump called TouristVille, and we all know thta gangers love to run around in that area looking for a Thrill.
So whn players in my group get a Random encounter all they have to do is hear the words "DiE You Fraggers."

So far no one has been killed yet, but last session some one took a serious wound from a Flame thrower.
My favorite bad guys? That easy.

<PC> Who the drek were those guys?

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