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Full Version: Using wireless modem/wiretaps
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Do wireless modems or some kind of wiretap exist in SR and if so can you use them to tap into and access computers and/or network cables??

Would a decker be able to do this?

The reason for this question is in my SR game a group of runners are planning to enter a think tank small corporation for some information and wanted to leave behind a way to access the corporation's computer(s) and/or network later on after exiting the building.

I guess a bad example would be from the Charlie's Angels movie.

Is something like this possible to do and if so what would a runner need as far as equip and to do on site at the corporation?
I think something like this was mentioned in Target: Matrix and possible in Matrix 3.0

There is mention of decking through either Radio network or Cellular, but you gotta be good to doit, the Radio network is Orange Average and the cellular is Orange Average to Orange Hard and both have access modifier penalties that could potentially apply
In theory, you could patch in a wireless modem or tranciever with a radio and then use a radio link as detailed in Matrix. Or install a wireless modem into some workspace computer, assuming you have the time. Have it draw from the power supply but make sure you use it quick and that it can be turned on from the outside. Most won't think about stray radio signals until they look at the power bill, isolate the computer and take it apart.

Just take the guts (minus ringer) of a cell phone, patch it into the computer in question (Elec B/R) and then make sure to autodial it with your cell link on your cyberdeck. That's what makes sense to me.

Seems to me that you would be able to skip out of the first login test, since you're already a node in the system. Debatably, you could get user access, depending on the system setup. Otherwise, the only advantage is you can login even when the system is offline (not turned off, just disconnected from the matrix).
I see, kinda like using the old laser emmitter connection, cotcha. A better movie reference IMHO is Real Genius, I like that movie better anyway.
Eyeless Blond
Dataline taps, described on pg. 290, are what you use to hack into a building's Host using a piece of the building's electronics. I imagine you could easily hook such a thing up to a cellphone, radio transceiver, laser link, what have you, and use it to deck by remote. How exactly you splice in the tap and how you log in (through Deception or "legitimate" password) determines the quality of the connection you get. See Matrix on the subject of different types of connections.

When I first read the description of decking in SR, I was immediately reminded of the movie Hackers. They both have that VR-ish flavor to them, both glamorize decking in odd ways, and both have similar "creative logic" regarding how computers actually work.
You realize that Dataline taps are available in a transmitter variety, right? They're 1500 nuyen.gif per rating point, as per the item description in SR3. Not sure if you need anything special to read them with, though. I generally assume that they come with both the transmitter and reciever components.
I thought those were for interception only, not for jack-points
The description doesn't say that, and in fact hints at the opposite being the case smile.gif

QUOTE (SR3 @ p290)
Deckers can use this device to create an illegal jackpoint (see Jackpoints, p200). The rating of the tap must be equal to the MPCP of the deck being used.  The cost is Rating x 1,000:nuyen: (Rating x 1,500:nuyen: for transmitter models).
Nifty, gotta remember that for some of my up-comming games
Eyeless Blond
Be sure to get good broadcast encryption with that, though. smile.gif
there is allso some talk about daisychaining connections in matrix, p 35. you can hook a ordinary dataline tap on to any kind of wireless device described in that book and use a correctly equiped deck to access it...
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