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Full Version: Elementalist Question
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SR3 page 160 says:


Elementalists can only cast spells and summon spirits related to one hermetic element. <snip> ... [ may use ] sills for all other purposes ... but must subtract 1 die from their skill for spells or spirits of their opposing element.

MitS page 17says:


... elemental mages [ gain ] +2 dice for spells and spirits of that element.  The penalty for such specialization is that the mage suffers a -1 die penalty for spells and spirits of the opposite element ... <snip> A fire mage for example has +2 diece for combat spells and fire elementals but applies -1 die for illusion spells and water elementals ...

OK, I'm confused. dead.gif
I checked the errata and the FAQ at FanPro and am still confused. Am I misreading this or do they contradict each other?

A) You are misreading it and here is how to read it.

B) Hey, it's an optional supplement and the rule was changed.

C) Elementalist and Elemental Mage are NOT the same thing; therefore, there is no contradiction.

D) Other???

Thanks in advance for the help!

- theartthief
I believe that MITS takes precedent as it is the official magic book.
C. Elementalists and elemental mages are *not* the same thing at all.

Specifically-- Elementalists are Priority-B aspected magicians, like sorcerers and conjurers, but closer to shamanists. Elemental mages are full hermetic mages who have a "specialization" that acts similarily to a shaman's totem bonus/disadvantage.
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