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I am new to SR, have bought a Second edition book several years back but haven't gotten to play until now, and now I have started to read about it, and got interrested in Edges/flaws.

BUT I cannot seem to find it in a third edition rulebook i can peek into at the local gaming store, so where do I find the rules to cover edges/flaws??

-- Baka
They are in the Shadowrun Companion sourcebook.
Shadowrun Companion has the edges and flaws that you're looking for, although it has been revised for 3rd Edition. There isn't too much of a difference between the edges and flaws for 2nd and 3rd Ed, but you might find a hassle.

A long time back when I played 2nd Ed, I seem to remember having a printed list of Edges and Flaws.....maybe available on Big Knobi Klub? I'll have a gander for you....see if I can rustle it up. (I have since moved countries, so don't hold your breath!) smile.gif
These may interest you:

A list of new edges and flaws on Amurgsval

Another list on Isle of Shadows (tripod site, be ready for pop-ups) - IoS basically copied the Amurgsval list word-for-word, then added in a bunch of the official edges & flaws out of the books (not the complete list, but enough to make it seem legally questionable). IoS is also the name of a German MUD.
Large Mike

Mac has since gotten better digs.
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