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Full Version: Rigger Network Encryption and Networking decks
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I design networks as a cashcow to my private security work.

The basic question is, would any GMs here have a problem with the link between my cranial deck and a RC deck or decks being encrypted while the other links are not, and then not encrypt the link with the drones?
The way the book describes it is a "weakest link" scenario.

Is this a cyberdeck in your head or a rc deck?

Are you basically connecting to your RC deck via a rasio linked datajack? If so, then cool
I know hte way the book describes.

But in R3 it allows you to link a Rating 10 cyber deck to a rating 8 deck to make a rating 16 deck with the coverage areas of both.

If it can pass control system information like that, why cant I just link those two pieces of equipment, and only encrypt the link?
Because every drone shares in the link, remember, the two RC decks communicationg together each loses a port for a drone, so while 2 rating 6 decks make a virtual rating 12 deck, they only have space for 10 drones. That means each deck acts as a drone for the other deck, which menas the communications between the two are subject to MIJI attacks.
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