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One of my players wants to use brass knuckles, but I can't find and entry for them in either the BBB or CC. Moreover, I'm not sure of what skill they'd use (although I'm guessing unarmed). Also, could you make them weapon foci?
Hardliner gloves are close enough, I think it's (STR+1)M, they're in CC under the designer armor stuff.
*looks around*

And yes, you can make them into weapon foci.

Zeel De Mort
Yep, hardliner gloves would do it. I can't think of anything else that would be similar to brass knuckles.

(Str+1)M Stun is correct, and they go off Unarmed Combat (or whatever unarmed melee skill you use). You could make a weapon focus out of gloves if you like, sure.
Brass knuckles themselves should be available as a weapon. I'd give them the same damage rating as hardliner gloves and charge about 30-60 nuyen.gif for them. Seems to make sense to me, at least...

[edit]Another one of those instances where SR has the "really nice" version of something without having the base model that should be more common on the streets. Something that's really common with cyberware items that should be available as gear. [/edit]
Amen brother, preach on.

Eyeless Blond
Actually, I'm of the opinion that brass knuckles should do *higher* base damage than hardliner gloves. Hardliners hardly weigh a thing; their power comes mostly from the ridgitity of the glove's knuckles. I'd expect real brass knuckles to have a bit more heft in them, and thus to be able to do more damage, but naturally they'd be less concealable.

Maybe for stats, say:
Weapon                      Conc Reach     Dam     W  Avail   :nuyen:  SI
Brass Knuckles               4    -    (S+2)M Stun 1  3/24    50    .5
Brass Knuckles (lead-filled) 3    -    (S+3)M Stun 2  3/24    200  .75

How's that look?

(Edit): Another reason I don't think this is too unreasonable: heavier bone lacing gives you up to (Str+4) base damage, just because it's heavy. I don't think it's too unreasonable to say that brass knuckles, being on the outside of the body instead of the inside, should have a comprable benefit.
They certainly shouldn't do Stun damage. Those things are made for breaking jaws, after all!
Eyeless Blond
Well, by that logic so should maces and staffs. I guess the rule is it does Stun unless it actually pierces flesh.
Seeing as every other blunt object in the game does stun, I think that stun damage is also appropriate for brass knuckles. Also stun damage isnt really any worse than physical. I think most people will agree that most of the time stun damage is actually preferable. After all it's not too tough to finish off the unfortunate bastard you just knocked out if you need to, but if for whatever reason you want him alive he is just as effectively out of the fight.
Zeel De Mort
Generally true. Although sometimes you might not really have the time to kill him after he falls unconcious. Also beware of people with pain editors and the like, pretty pesky guys!

Another bonus from doing stun damage is that all those goons with TD+PF will rack up the boxes a little quicker when it's stun.
QUOTE (Eyeless Blond)
Actually, I'm of the opinion that brass knuckles should do *higher* base damage than hardliner gloves.

Actually, I agree with you on that one. Leaving it with the same stats as hardliner gloves is a "quick fix" however, and doesn't require one to make up their own stats.

Certainly makes Vicious Blow a great martial arts manuever to take.
A Rodent of Unusual Size
Eh, it already does the same amount of raw damage as a club. How much more do you really think it should do?
I've been trying to figure out what a big metal spiky gauntlet would be for damage.

I'm talking like a Hellboy-sized gauntlet, with big knobby spikes on every striking surface.

I have to imagine it's more than a Hardliner glove.

Fresno Bob
Probably (Str+3)M
Austere Emancipator
Or maybe (Str+2)M Stun OR (Str+1L) Physical, similar to but weaker than the Spiked Mace.
A Rodent of Unusual Size
I think you mean (STR+3)L, yes? But since Hardliner Gloves set the baseline, I'd lean towards the (STR+2)M myself. Don't see why a bigger, badder weapon would create a lesser wound than Harderliners or even a sucker punch... especially when it's just an augmentation to an unarmed strike.
Austere Emancipator
Nope, I didn't meant (Str+3)L. I would personally like to have a Spear do more damage than spiked gauntlets. Having thought more about it, I guess I'd actually rather have them at (Str+2)M Stun/(Str+2)L Physical, or (Str+2)M Stun/(Str)M Physical.

My reasoning: Worse than a mace for stun, but better than hardliner gloves. Worse than a spear or a sword for physical, about equal to a big knife.

But that's just me. You use whatever figures you like, of course. I have a habit of down-tuning the biggest and baddest melee weapons anyhow.
For the physical, just use the rules for bone lacing. Frankly, those rules should apply to all blunt weaponry.
A Rodent of Unusual Size
Oh, my mistake. I was reading it as Stun damage in the above damage codes despite the Physical label. I need to get my eyes checked one day. Sorry.
QUOTE (A Rodent of Unusual Size)
Oh, my mistake. I was reading it as Stun damage in the above damage codes despite the Physical label. I need to get my eyes checked one day. Sorry.

Just replace with cybereyes.

On topic - yeah, I agree on not giving too high damage code. It is easier to make it bigger later than smaller. Besides mace SHOULD do more damage than knuckles.
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