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Full Version: Missile Mastery Adept Power
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Ok, they can throw normal items and get a damage code.

A) What about improvised weapons in CC? Do they use the listed damage code or get a bonus?

B) What is included as Standard Missile Weapons and gets the +2 to Power?
1) Just throwing knives and shuriken
2) Melee weapons that are commonly used as throwing weapons (from CC chart)
3) Grenades
4) Anything using the Throwing Weapons skill
Frag-o Delux
For A I would go with the stats in the book. The improvised weapons in CC are already more deadly then if you used just the base MM rules.

For B I would say anything that was designed from a manufacturer to be a thrown weapon. Throwing knives, shurikens, spears what ever.

I would not include grenades becuase its damage is derived from the explosives. Now if you used improvised damage rules for hitting someone with an undetonated grenade, then I would use the improvised damage. Then of course if the pin was pulled it would explode.
Dash Panther

You can check out boomerangs too. In Target: Awakened Lands, a boomerang that misses the target can be caught by the thrower with an Athletics (6) Test. If you have Missile Parry, that's an Athletics (2) Test. If you have Missile Mastery, you can make the boomerang return even if it hits the target.
A) They get the same bonus as any other hurled weapon - that listed damage code is for things like credsticks or pens that would normally do no damage.

B) Any hurled weapon that does damage from its impact, rather than explosives, drugs, toxins, etc.
I agree.
For A) If the damage for improvised weapons is what everyone gets, the guy with missile mastery deserves to get more.
B) Yeah, what everyone else said.
QUOTE (Frag-o Delux)
Now if you used improvised damage rules for hitting someone with an undetonated grenade, then I would use the improvised damage. Then of course if the pin was pulled it would explode.

I never considered this. It makes sense to use throwing weapon skill to hit someone with a grenade, like hitting them with a rock or a ball. They can dodge, resist the damage, etc.. Then use the scatter rules to see where the grenade goes before exploding on the throwers next turn.

IMO, if an adept can make things that don't get a damage code do damage and they make thrown weapons more powerful, then they should get a bonus to improvised thrown weapons, (they should be better than someone without the missile mastery skill) and they should get a bonus from the impact as someone said. Yes to tomohawks, spears, javelins, regular (as opposed to throwing) knives. No to grenades, toxin, stuff like that.
One thing to keep on mind is that grenades are actually quite heavy. It would be pretty difficult to throw one like a baseball or a rock, a regular person would use more of a lobbing motion.
Ok, brick. No, not the Intelligence 1 Charisma 1 Troll. wink.gif
Killa, they're only a about 1 pound/0.4 kilos. Not light, certainly, but not prohibitively heavy, either. I can certainly throw one in an overhand motion if need be.
I agree that you could throw one like a baseball, but if you were trying to hurt someone with the grenade by hitting them with it, you would need to throw it fairly hard. I suppose that it is open to interpretation but I think that the rules for thrown weapons reflect your character hurling an object at someone rather then tossing it with moderate force. I feel confident that if you really threw something like a grenade at someone hard enough to cause them injury you would risk hurting yourself(slightly I admit) in the process. Like I said I think that it is worth keeping in mind, maybe a TN modifier, not necessarily barring them from taking the action entirely.
I don't know -- people manage to hurl bricks with reasonable success.

Thats true. I guess I havent played enough soccer hooligan characters to be able to appreciate the full spectrum of improvised thrown weapons. smile.gif

Edit-Also I seem to have forgotten that this is about adepts with missile mastery, in which case I would let them throw damn near anything, I apologize and respectfully retract my earlier nonsense.
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