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Full Version: Control thoughts and infinate services
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This has prolly come up before but I havent come across it.

Ok how do you handle spells like control thoughts being used on spirits? They have mental stats so by cannon thier is no reason it shouldnt work(unless im missing a page refference).

So lets say jo anymage casts a force 5 control thoughts on a force 4 free spirit and beats the threshold after the spirits resists and sustains it on a focus. Now jo can command the spirit with unlimited services or even better force the spirit to tell him its true name so it can be bound.

Lets say Jo anymage does the same trick on another mages elemental. he now has control over an elemental with unlimited services. Now lets say the summoner and jo give to conflicting commands or Jo tells the elemental to kill his summoner(which he cannot do) which command wins?

thoughts comments............?

P.S. Yes i know binding a spirit against its will with its true name is dangerious and a bad idea SO LETS NOT TURN THIS INTO A DISCUSSION ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (which means please dont bring it up smile.gif ).
Omega Skip
indifferent.gif Uh... did that come up in your game? Give that player a cookie immediately!

Rules-wise, there's nothing to stop players from casting control thoughts on a spirit, so anything you suggest is possible. But in the example with the free spirit telling the mage his truename, I'd allow the spirit to roll spell resistance per the "action is disastrous to target of spell" rule. I'd probably also allow a spirit to roll [versus decreasing TNs] whenever it's commanded to do anything just to discourage the use of this technique.
Ancient History
Okay, the Free SPirit definately gets a save if the mage asks for its True Name.

With the Elemental, the elemental is still bound to the other mage even with the Control Thoughts spell on it! The magicians can then command the elemental seperately, and the elemental has to try and do fulfill both sets of commands; until all of his services are used up and the spirit dissapears, which Control Thoughts has no effect over.
Misfit Toy
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