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Ok I asked this on the old board and never got a good answer. In the rules it states that you allocate dice to spell defense, which can be spell pool or sorcery dice. so that means that if I allocate 2 spell pool dice and 2 or say 6 sorcery dice that then leaves me with 4 dice for casting spells correct? Then when do those dice become available for casting again. I would assume that when the dice pool refresh and you reallocate those dice. That is how I have been playing it for years but wasn't sure that was right. Anyone who could shed light please, bring me into the light biggrin.gif

Luke Hardison
Changing your allocation is a Free Action, so you can add or take away spell defense dice pretty frequently.

The pools refresh normally, at the beginning of a combat turn.

EDIT: I don't think you can add more spell pool dice to a sorcery test than you allocate sorcery dice. That's how it works in all other skills I can think of, anyway, and that's how I remember sorcery working. So if you have a skill of 6 and you allocate 6 sorcery dice to spell defense, you can't cast anything.
is this for second or third edition rules?
3rd edition
What about skill specializations?

Say I have a sorcerer with a 5 Sorcery skill and a 7 Spell Defense as a specialization of Sorcery. Does that mean I can allocate all 7 dice of my Spell Defense Specialization for Spell Defense and still have all 5 from my Sorcery available for spell casting?
No, it means you have 2 permanent dice allocated for defense more or less, and the other 5 to allocate how you see fit. It's not 2 separate skills, it's just a specialization of the base skill.
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