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Chasgul III
AFAIK Euskadi is a pre-Celtic language, which is why it isn't related to anything else in Europe. The Iber/Iver/Hiber/Hiver people were the short, dark guys who the Celts drove out on their way west leaving pockets of them in the Iberian peninsula and Hibernia. Then the Celts got booted by the Germanic group and things got REALLY mixed up.

There is an uncanny parallel between the Celtic migration and the spread of Cro-Magnon man, the former pushing the Ibers, the latter the Neanderthals... In SR terms that would appear to fit with the cycle of Magical and non-magical worlds... Which begs the question: who is pushing (meta)human evolution? And to what end?
Ancient History
Are you talking about the Basque? There's more than one Iberian sub-group, y'know.

Now, for interesting, check out the Caledonians (or the Picti as the Romans called them, from their affinity for tattoos) and what fantasy has done to them.

Anywho, the Celts don't directly follow the trail of the Cro-magnons; the trail generally picks up in Asia Minor, down to the invasion of Egypt, up through Turkey, and more-or-less straight west and north.
QUOTE (Ed Simons)
QUOTE (Prospero @ Jul 2 2004, 02:31 AM)
@ everybody: One of the things I've always thought would be kind of cool, is if at least one of the other racial languages got started again. I mean, in Dunkie's will some Robert Page guy got left an "ancient document" about Orcish. The seeds are there... I guess when FASA decided to minimize the ED-SR crossover stuff, they axed Orcish. Pretty realistically, too - its damn hard to ressurect a langauge. Though not impossible - Israel did it. Why not the orcs?

The Orks don't have to resurrect a language, they merely have to coopt one. My 'Ork' rigger, Fiver, firmly believes that the ancient Orkish language was channeled in the 1980's by Marc Okrand. Because of this, Fiver has learned and made sure his numerous children are all taught the Klingon language.

I love it!

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