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Full Version: ultra vison and darkness
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Correct me if I am wrong but with ultra sound you are “seeing“ by reading an echo right?
So why does it matter if there is light to see by? Why do you get uneven modifiers for varying light levels when you are using light to see?

i just got man and machien so i am just wanting to clarify a few things grinbig.gif
Misfit Toy
The assumption is that you're always using a combination of different visions, never quite relying on only one. That's why you get the variety of modifiers.
Doc's got it right. Ultrasound overlays normal vision, it doesn't replace it. See p 18 and 49, M&M.
it's also worth pointing out that ultrasound vision will be disorienting to use--patterns of light and shadow will be very different, you won't see very much in the way of texture and nothing in the way of color, and distant events (more than a hundred feet away or so) will appear to "lag"--you'll see the event happen a split-second or longer after it actually occurs.
A good example of this just happened last night across the country (well, the US anyway). Remember watching those fireworks? Remember how you saw the pretty lights about three or four seconds before you heard the big BOOM! That's an example of light travelling faster than sound. Relying solely on sound can really mess you up because it's not nearly as fast as light, so you'll be more likely to shoot at something that's not where it's supposed to be.

The Abstruse One
Thats why its better to get low light and thermo and then just carry a sack of flour around with you...biggrin.gif
Misfit Toy
Or play a magician with Astral Perception. When using it, lighting conditions don't matter and you suffer only a +2 modifier for purely physical actions while using it. That beats most (cybernetic) vision modifiers and is equal to some of the better ones. Doesn't cost any Essence or nuyen either. smile.gif
Yes, but background ratings add their modifier to astral perception as well...

Then again any background rating can really screw mages.
Plus it leaves you open to be screwed with by anything hostile that's on the astral plane.
Misfit Toy
Assuming you don't have Masking.
Which is why any runner should invest the great sum 10 nuyen in a flashlight. They can be invaluable.
Fresno Bob
Or some kind of cyberware headlamp...

Hey, thats an idea. Running lights for cyberlimbs, or something.
You mean like... eyelights?

Flashlights only work out to 20m. Eyelights get you out to 100m.
Fresno Bob
Sure, ruin my fun by pointing out it already exists.

Is that in Man and Machine? Its the one book I have that I haven't read thoroughly yet.

Don't bats get by just fine using only sound?
Misfit Toy
Yep. One of the coolest eye implants in the game.
Bats do have eyes and are NOT blind. However, they also learn to use their echolocation since birth and their brains are used to it/made for it/whatever. Not exactly the same as getting a new sense altogether.

The Abstruse One
Their eyes are only about as good as ours, though, and they spend a lot of time flying around in the dark. So yeah, they get by just fine when using only sound.
Fresno Bob
I knew the weren't blind, but their visual acuity isn't too great, right?
It depends on the species of bat in question. Some have pitiful eyesight to the point of near blindness. Others actually have excellent eyesight, and there are all manner of bats somewhere in between. Regardless of eyesight, though, echolocation's still basically their primary sense.
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