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Black Isis
I swear I remember reading a post by Adam about this a long time ago, or maybe I heard him mention it at GenCon last year; but are the short fiction pieces on solicited from current Shadowrun writers or are submissions being taken from the community? I've got a couple things I'm working on, and some I think might actually be decent enough to submit if they are taking them -- otherwise, I'll just add them to my pile of stuff for my own website. I just don't want to do that if there's a possibility I could get a bit more exposure for them. smile.gif
[DSF] See that with Elissa "Pistons" Carrey ( ). AFAIK sumissions are taken from anybody as long as it's good, related to Shadowrun, under 5,000 words or so and coming as one single fiction (not a serie of 5,000-words-long episodes). It's a plus if it ties to recent releases and plots, so of course actual freelancers have some kind of edge for that. Finally you have to account the fact she's aiming at six fiction a year, and even if she gets more real good ones, it'll stay limited by the time required for editing.

You probably have little to lose sending her something, at worst she'll just delete your mail thinking it's spam. Oh, she can also blow your self-esteem, of course.
So far this year they missed their every other month mark. Probably because they are so busy. I would recomend reading what they have already put up and tryint to emulate that. I submitted something I thoguht was pretty good; but it was nothing like what is already up there (better I thought) and it got rejected. So be prepared to face that.
Black Isis
Aha, yeah, that's the thread I must have half-remembered. Thanks for pointing me to it Nath (and for the advice, Shadow). Much appreciated!
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