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Full Version: Bio Index, Essence Index, and Stress
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I don't have my books around and I was wondering at what point do your systems automatically incur stress?

Austere Emancipator
If you mean System Overstress, it kicks in when Bio Index >= Essence Index (Essence + 3). At that point, all Bioware functions as if they were at Light Stress -- this does not affect the accumulation of actual Stress Points in any way.
I think for most cyber/bio/nano its a GM call. Unless you get shot I don't remember any rules for auto-stress for anything other than the MBW systems. I think that by the 2060's routine maintenance doesn't need to be done except every few months, but like I said, GM call.

It says that cybereyes come with a kit that have to be used regularly, so I presume you can acquire such kits for cyberware and just use them weekly/bi-weekly.

I think it would really only be something to bother runners with if they get out of line. The cyber bunny who just doesn't give a flip? Go and say "your arm is getting a bit cranky and refuses to work like new. Maybe you should oil it" and if they blow it off, make it fall off.
IIRC, things gain stress when they take damage and do not generate at least one success on the resistance roll.

Or when cyberware is taken out of the body, that's about the only time I recall anything automatically gains stress.
Thanks again all. smile.gif

AE hit on what I was looking for but I appriciate the input.
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