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Full Version: Idea: In Nomine & Shadowrun X-over
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Bit of a mad idea, this. Well, I know one thing for sure. Angels and Demons get to be more open about using their powers. vegm.gif Anything else you want to add?
I can't think that it would work too well. It'd basically be In Nomine with the humans being different.

I had been playing around with the idea of working up the various Archangels and Demon Princes as Totems, but nveer got around to finishing the project. Beyond that, you're really changing the scope of the game a LOT...

As was said, basically you're talking about In Nomine with a Cyberpunk setting more than anything else... Could work, could be interesting, really, and the Shadowrun system would give you a lot more to work with. As i recall, In NOmine had a very loose, and very imprecise system which worked ok for Demon vs Angel, but broke down if you wanted to use Mortals (Or even... Spirits? The things that the old gods and fairy and the like were). The numbers didn't skew enough to allow for them to be able to do, well, anything.

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