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Full Version: Activating an adept power. Free, Simple Complex?
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I started to play an adept for the first time and I chose attribute boost as one of my powers. I've looked but I can't seem to find out how much time it takes to activate this power. Is it a free, simple or complex action to activate and or drain.

If it doesn't specify, it would probably be Free.

On another note, I can't find activate/deactivate adept power on the SR Actions Reference Sheet. Is it canon, or just a houserule that gained acceptance in some thread?

Jason Farlander
Well, given that there is no officially-listed activate/deactivate adept power action, how about ruling that (and this is crazy!) it *isn't* an action? That it is something done innately/intuitively that doesnt require an action, unless specified in the text of the power?
that's usually how i rule it.
Ol' Scratch
I do it on a case-by-case basis. A power like Attribute Boost implies that it requires a bit of concentration as you summon up the power, and it even has drain just like a spell. So for that one, I call it a Complex Action. For a power like Distance Strike, that's a non-action since it's as much a technique as a power. Most powers are "always on," however, so they're a moot point.
egad, complex? i don't see much use for that power as-is; no way i'd ever take it if it required a complex action.
Ol' Scratch
Attribute Boost isn't limited by your Attribute Max. It can easily be used to give you an insane attribute score. It also lasts a number of Combat Turns (I always start the countdown with the next Turn) equal to the number of successes you score, so it's not like it runs out before you get a chance to use it.

Not that I'm defending the power. I don't like it as it's written myself. But while I would rarely design a character who had it, it's hardly a useless power with or without the Complex Action cost.
i guess if your combats run the same way most combat in SR does (ie, never lasts more than five rounds), it's more useful. my combats tend to run the same way, despite my best efforts, but i still can't see past the fact that i'm all but KO'ing myself for less than ten seconds of punching power (or speed, or bullet-eating, or whatever).
Although there is no canon reference to "actions" as such, I usally end up ruling that it's a free action to activate or deactivate a power in question.
This was of certain importance when the old Bioware rules were in place, where the virtual magic attribute limited the simultaniously availible powers (and it's still of importance to me, when dealing with the 20 karma points rule, that I do not disallow when simultaniously using the extended rules on initiation as the FAQ suggests).
Well it looks like you answered my question. There is no answer. I will bring it up with my GM for a ruling.


Ted Hatfield
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