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Can anyone tell me whats has been going on in Atlanta, GA? I did a search for it on the forums here but came up with something completly irelevant.
I live in GA so I was thinking of running my first game here in a city that the players will actualy know.

Tyrae ~ Fallen Child of Magdalin

It's the capital of the CAS. Check out Shadows of North America for more info.

BTW, what part of GA are you from?

Ancient History
I lived in Georgia too. THe whole state should be burned to the ground. Sherman stopped too soon.

That said, there are references to Atlanta in the Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Nortn America and Shadows of North America. Certain companies and individuals from Atlanta are scattered about; such as Pax and that weird little tech group in Portfolio of a Dragon.
Hah - I didn't know you lived in Georgia, AH.

I'm in Atlanta.

Georgia doesn't get a lot of press - most notable is the old Georgia Stadium that was turned in a Barrens-esque gladiator pit.

I think my roomie is looking for a game if you want another player.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys ) Lets take non-shadowrun talk to 'GM/Player Regestry' though so we don't get in trouble.

I have a couple questions, what is CAS, and what is this about a gladiator pit?? that sounds cool!

I'll be heading up to the War Room some time next week and check out the books mentioned, I just don't have the money to pick anything up at the moment. Thats why I was asking.

Tyrae ~ Fallen Child of Magdalen

I'm a little incredulous that you don't know what the CAS is... you have the main sourcebook, right?

Anyway, CAS stands for Confederation of American States. They take up around Virginia and span nearly all southern states (except for at least a good chunk of Florida, which is part of the Carib League), cutting through most of Texas (with the capital, Austin, on the divide between the CAS and Aztlan) and parts of Oklahoma.
The War Room - good store.

Anyway, you're looking for the "Neo-anarchist's Guide to North America" - SR 2nd edition.

It talks about the old Fulton County Stadium - the one that was demolished a couple of years back. It gets turned into a research project by GA Tech and then taken over by street gangs and becomes a gladiator pit.

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