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Full Version: Africa as a whole
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Hey everyone.

I've been considering running a Shadowrun campaign in Africa in quite some time, but unfortunately it's probably one of the least touched on continents in the entire Shadowrun Universe. So while I will have no problem formulating what big things I want to happen, I need some help filling in the little stuff that fleshes out the setting and makes it seem like a real place. So could anyone help inform me of any details or information regarding ANY part of Africa or where I could go to find such information? I know Cyberpirates touches on it, but unfortunately I currently do not possess it.

Necro Tech
Predator and prey covers it as well I believe.
Ol' Scratch
Cyberpirates and Target: Smuggler's Havens are the only books I know of that go into any real depth about any parts of Africa. Beyond that you might want to try Target: Awakened Lands and/or Target: Wastelands as they might have a few blurbs (I don't have them handy to check), and I'm sure State of the Art: 2063 talks about the northern part in the Mercenary chapter regarding the Desert Wars. Not sure where else you can find anything, though.
Sprawl Survival Guide gives an overview. the northern part is pretty much taken up by the desert wars and jihad-land. the central area is all jungle-ly and mysterious--the whole of it is apparently eaten up by brushfire wars and whatnot. the tip of the continent is a mish-mash of tribal-controlled wilderness and corporate facilities (mostly mines), with a large sprawl in Cape Town.
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