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What's out there in the way of GMing programs? I've become very comfortable with using my laptop to DM in D&D, and I'd like to find a Shadowrun equivalent for what I like. The stuff hosted on matrix.dumpshock seems -excellent-, but the GMing tracker is what I really like, and it seems like it hasn't been supported for a year frown.gif Am I right? Even in it's current state I can't use it, because of some pretty trippin' bugs as soon as I try to load it.

So, anything else out there?

Wow...I definatly thought you meant Programs, you know, in the Matrix, man. Crazy.
Here's a thread on a home-grown program I use (requires MS-Access currently), but does great at tracking initiative, damage and stats.
Wow, so there's not a lot out there, eh?

I tried to use your Access program, Grinder, but it reads as an invalid database or somesuch when I try to open it :\

Kanada Ten
There are a few in the Community Project's section, things like Dashifen's Character Record Sheet which can do some of the GM's work, and is under expansion. Among others.
Whee ... more promotions! I'll be back to work on the DCRS on Tuesday after a long hiatus due to a lack of internet connection when I moved. If you use it and have suggestions, post them to the community projects thread on the DCRS and I'll get back to you.
Speaking of SR programs, I haven't been able to find a single working link to a copy of The Shop, James Ojaste's utility for making vehicles following the Rigger 2 guidelines. I've found plenty of dead links, but nothing that works. Anyone have a copy they can put up? Or even PM me and I'll let you know how you can send it to me so I can host it.

Edit: Okay, I found it after digging through some threads on the community projects forum. For anyone else looking for Ojaste's current website, it's at this URL. Update your bookmarks and whatnot.
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