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Full Version: Who can pay for quickening and sustaining focuses?
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My game has a dove shaman who is really no good in combat (just after) and wants to be more useful. Also, she has fallen in love with and married the troll ohplease.gif . The player wants to know if she can slough off the karma costs of quickening big increase attribute/initiative spells to other PCs. I don't think he (the player) really understands their drawbacks, but that's a whole other issue. Does she have to pay all the karma, or can another PC pay the karma especially when it benefits the other character directly? I guess we could use karma for cash for karma, but that would wreak the roleplaying mood he is going for.
If you're making the focus, then the party who will bond to the focus can pay the karma. If you're doing quickened spells, then you have to pay the karma costs. I don't know of anyway around that one, I'm afraid.

Thanks shadd4d. Thot I'd try anyway. dead.gif
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