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I was planning on running the first two Shadowrun Missions (from the official website) TODAY, as in, in 20 minutes biggrin.gif Unfortunately, all three of them seem to be broken, as in the links don't work. I know they have worked in the past, and I managed to print out Mission Briefing sometime before they went crappy, but if anyone happened to download Demolition Run, could they email it to me? nyahnyah.gif I need the player handouts in particular, since I seem to have saved the GM portion, but I'm gonna need those maps. Don't really know why the site isn't working, but my email is alacast23 at aol if any of you happened to download it. Maybe I'll get it before we're supposed to hit that part! biggrin.gif

Thanks, I hope! smile.gif
Of course, this happens the week I can't seem to log into the FTP server - some problems with the server migration.

I've temporarily placed all of the current SR Missions on my personal web space at
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