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Moonstone Spider
A while back I posted a Street Sam character with two external weapon mounts on one cyberlimb. I got replies saying the character was sad and houseruled, and I can't exactly see what I did wrong. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting the rules somehow or there's something that alters them in another book.

The rules I used at the time are on Man and Machine page 40, which states that an external mount can hold up to an SMG (The character used SMGs), are placed on cyberlimbs, take up 3 ECU each, and act like a vehicle's fixed mount. It also says that if the guns are aimed in a non-intuitive manner, such as backwards off a shoulder, they get +2 to the ranged attack test.

A cyberlimb has enough ECU, parallel to the forearm seems intuitive enough to me to work normally, and the weapon wasn't too large. I can't see where I houseruled anything.
Looking at the book, I don't see that you did, either.
Yeah, those are the rules. I don't think the guns retract though, so I don't see that being a very good idea.
For the sake of completeness, here's the post in question, in its entirety:
I managed to come up with one decent character once who used Cyberlimbs for combat. Street Samurai with a chrome limb, attached two fixed mounts to it so they'd point where his gun hand did.

Each fixed mount had an SMG (And a third in the hand) with six points of assorted recoil comp on them. The hand fired gel rounds, the others EX-EX. All used Tracers so I could get 9 points of Recoil on 9 shots. Each pass an opponent had to resist something like 18D damage twice from the EX-EX and then another 16D stun (protected by impact rather than ballistic armor) after that. One pass would completely devour any opponent's combat pool trying to survive, and even against a massively boosted troll the combined stun and wound penalties usually meant +5-6 on all tests.

Then I learned the joys of Capsule rounds filled with Pepper punch. I'm looking forward to a game where fill all three and watch the opponent try vainly to stage down 16D 3 times, then have to resist 30M from the Pepper Punch with no armor allowed, and that's if the GM doesn't think taking 18 doses in less than 3 seconds constitutes OD'ing.

The character didn't engage in melee much so the strength didn't matter, and the speed augs weren't too killing in cost compared to the godawful storm of bullets he could put out.

Now, the resulting comment...
It's amazing how much munchkin goodness you can do with house rules. But none of that has any bearing on anything resembling the rules, so it's a moot point.

There's plenty in the first post, what with 3 guns being fired at once, using different ammo types, treating those as separate attacks for dodge purposes, etc., that could be considered house rules. The mounts themselves are fine, it's the overall use of them that's the question.

However, the comment was later explained as being in direct reference to using the two mounts to be able to simultaneously fire at the same target as the gun in the hand.

For those that want it, the original thread is here. Relevant posts are towards the end.
Herald of Verjigorm
That was your "60+ bullets in a complex action" idea you are talking about?
The only contention I can remember would be the method for all the guns firing together. I think that firing a cybergun (internal or external) takes just as much of an action as firing a held gun. I do not make many cybermonsters, so I haven't checked those rules recently.

From the role of GM, I would allow spraying with three guns on one arm, but all recoil applies to all the tests and all secondary weapons suffer a +2 TN penalty for not being the one you line up the shot with. This does still allow the high density cover fire. I suspect there is a work around so that you would get better results than my example above, but I don't remember them.
QUOTE (Backgammon)
Yeah, those are the rules. I don't think the guns retract though, so I don't see that being a very good idea.

My little brother wanted to make a Street Samurai with a minigun that came out from his back and went over his head, resting on his chest. In theory, he's got a pretty good design and since the gun would be affixed to the front of him, the recoil would be lessened, though by no means accurate, lol.
the use of different ammo types is not a houserule. he's simply loading each weapon with a different type of ammo; he's not mixing ammo types within a clip. retractable mounts are kosher as well; they cost +2 ECU. however, firing the weapons still requires a seperate action for each; you can't fire all 25 of your weapons at once.
Hmmm...I understand why this wouldn't be allowed, but....

You would think that with DNI, you could modify all three weapons to function as one.

...of course I never stuck with the 10 rounds maximum autofire either...
personally, i think it'd be fun to pack a drone brain, an autosoft interpretation system, and a sharpshooter autosoft into one of those cyberarms, and let it control the guns. issue commands through a headware computer with a Remote Control utility (or a headware cyberdeck, if you're a stickler for that sort of thing).
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