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Full Version: Old FASA Adventure Question
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Patrick Goodman
Due to a really nice deal I found on Stiggybaby's, I've managed to fill a massive set of holes in my SR adventure collection (I'm a bit of a completionist, I've discovered). If I read things right, I've only got about three left to go to have the complete set.

My question is this: Is there a published adventure with FASA stock number 7321? The list on the official Shadowrun site shows the adventures going from 7320, Harlequin's Back, to 7322, Super Tuesday. I'm just curious if this was a typo, or if FASA really skipped that particular stock number for some reason.

Thanks for your time.
Unless I've missed out big time, there is one number missing - can't verifiy that it is that one right now, but it doesn't sound unreasonable. I know it was sometime around Harlequin's Back.
From the Shdowrun FAQ at
Looking at the list of FASA Shadowrun books, there are some product numbers/books missing. What happened to 7106, 7111 and 7321?
7106 was the first edition version of the Grimoire. It was replaced by FAS 7903 Grimoire.
7111 was the DMZ boxed set (out of print).
7321 was simply assigned to a book that was later dropped from the schedule.
Note that FAS 7304 Queen Euphoria was originally misprinted with the product number 7205 (which belongs to the Universal Brotherhood sourcebook/adventure).

*strokes his DMZ lovingly*

No, that's not some sort of euphamism.
DMZ rocks. Has anyone ever updated it for SR3? What about new templates and such?
Patrick Goodman
Thanks, KarmaInferno. I'd've eventually thought to look in the FAQ, but it would have taken some time....
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